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  1. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    This is also a true story. So anyways, I'm not really upset at anyone, and I think that we can all play nice. As for attacking me, if this is what must be done, then I guess it must be done. As far as my posting, I don't really post anywhere too much, including my site ... I try to put in when I can, but as we all know, people are very busy. I am sure that Heather can attest that it takes a lot of work to work on a site, and to keep up to date with patches, new features, etc. I am going to try and participate more on BOTH sites, but again, I don't have all that much time to go through all the forums and reply. On most cases on my site, I just check the posts to ensure that they are standing up to the LDS standards.
  2. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    this is a true story.
  3. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    wow, we are all a little judgemental aren't we?. Why do you not think I haven't posted here... because I don't feel welcome here.. i come by once in a while to see what is new on these posts, because they are related to me.
  4. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    wowsers, it was never my intention at all to bring any sort of discontent or discomfort for anyone. My whole goal was to have more than one site that could offer services to LDS people. I have come here before and chatted, and I understand that there were some things that were frowned upon. I completely agree with Heather and internet ediquette (sp?), and hope that no-one will breach those things. Again, I am very sorry if someone is upset or unhappy about this. The fact is that I wanted to help out with the LDS Community, and I'm sure that we can do that TOGETHER. Anyways, I'm in the Bahamas right now, and not too happy to read about this stuff . Sorry and take care.
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    Good Game!

  6. tonyk

    Good Game!

    heheheh... funny though, no? :).
  7. tonyk

    Good Game!

    Here is a game that someone sent me, so I put it on my site. Pretty good... Weak at heart beware, this is VERY HARD!!! HAND-EYE COORDINATION MAZE GAME Let me know what you think !!!
  8. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    There will be all types of people on all different types of boards.. I didn't mean to offend anyone, so I hope that he is ok now . At any rate, I have added some more functionality, and people can now easily share photo albums with a simple url ( Ya, currently only 37 members, but I hope that it will continue to grow . With the help of awesome people like you, I'm sure that people will start using the free services. If anyone would like to help, please let me know, because once it starts to get more busy, I will need moderators to help run the site .
  9. tonyk

    Modest Dresses

    I added your site to the links section of my site too. Hopefully we can all get some good LDS community support!. My site is
  10. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    Thanks Heather!. Please come on and let me know what you think of the site. I'm always looking to make things bigger and better for people.
  11. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    Done and done. The site is now linked on my site in the Web Links. Thanks .
  12. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    ...ummmm ok. sorry?.
  13. tonyk : The City Of Saints

    Wow, it's not like that. I posted that message late last night. Give me a chance here . Anyways, umm.. I love you? If I came across that way, I apologize... Lol I am speachless on what to say.
  14. tonyk

    New Site -

    tonyk, The link is not working. I got a 404 error. Marsha tonyk, The link is not working. I got a 404 error. Marsha try
  15. Again, I jope that I am allowed to post this here... I didn't see anything saying that I couldn't. If this is in violation, please let me know and I will know for sure not to do so in the future. This site is to offer free services to LDS and LDS friends. I have free Photo Albums, Forums, Online Journals, and even free webmail. There are games linked, and much more. Essentially trying to build a community website.