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    Heavy petting question

    Firstly, I thank you all for your responses and care. I Posted this because i do have an understanding of the importance of doing things right as to not offend my God any further. However, my knowledge of what i should do was limited due to me not knowing the gravity of the situation. The other individual involved said sorry, but at the same time said they couldn't say they didn't enjoy. With this comment in mind, Im sure to them it wasn't as big a deal as it was to me who is endowed and has been required to to much more in church. The repentance has started. I will be talking to the bishop when he gets back. His counselors are great men but I do recognize they would just tell me some general things and say to wait till the bishop gets back. Unfortunately, some of the reason for me posting on this was fear of a long term discipline that i feel would weaken other peoples testimony as they observe me not participating as a worthy member, as well as be embarrassing to me. Though if counseled by Bishop i will gladly do this. But it seems that despite how damnable i feel i am at this moment, after talking to bishop it will not require extended abstinence from full church participation, thankfully. I look forward to being done with this, and know that despite how intriguing and enjoyable the ways of man may be, that the ways of God and His Son are the only way to have true happiness. He lives. Thanks again for your helps Oh and i will not be taking sacrament this week, or teaching.
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    Heavy petting question

    I just recently was involved in some inappropriate touching and receiving the same (heavy petting) Though it was very short lived as I knew it was wrong and have never been part of such thing. I don't know what the consequence will be and my bishop is out of town for a monthish. I want to know best guess as to what i shouldn't do. Sacrament, obviously i shouldn't take it, but for how long? Praying in Public, would your best guess be that i shouldn't? Can i still teach my lesson this week? Im in need of specifics, please. Again, i know this is wrong, but i am not sure of the gravity of the situation. I feel terrible and will not be spending time with that girl again where such things could come up, now knowing that we are both weak in such matters. thanks