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  1. I have read that scripture D&C 132:7 several times and have wondered if all "associations" outside of the sealed family unit - meaning friendships - would end. It seems that there are conflicting views on this. I have heard Sheri Dew say that the ordinances we have on Earth are simply to give us the things we need in order to be exhaulted; implying there is "more to come". I realize much of this is based on faith but I need a little push in the right direction. Anyone else have any ideas or thoughts?
  2. Hello everyone. We have all heard that in the LDS Church families can be together forever. I love this idea but I'm curious about where friends fit into the whole scheme of things. I have some friends that are as dear to me as my own family and can't imagine Heaven being Heaven without them there. Is this a realistic idea or just foolish hope? Does the Abrahamic Covenant include them or is it limited to families sealed in the temple? If you have any specific doctrine or quotes to help me with this, I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!