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  1. As a teenager I went to visit an uncle in Guatemala City; he had guns everywhere, and even a live hand grenade in the desk, and he was a buyer for the government, and imported military equipment. So, I was there playing with an Colt .45 Automatic Pistol, my cousin removed the Colt Magazine, so I could play with the gun, then I lay it down, and my other cousin put back the magazine with bullets. I started playing with the gun, and it went off into some boxes where there were new television sets. They never found the bullet, but it left a bad impression upon my mind, and I have never liked guns since then. I, learned the hard way how dangerous guns are around the house, especially with someone like me, for I even played with the live grenade. When my cousin saw me playing with the grenade, he went into shock for he said it was a live grenade. Also I was living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, we left just in time, before the causeway got washed away, and lived at Panama City Beach for years, but my sister went back to rebuild her home, because her house insurance insisted that she have to put the money into the house, since she only owed 40,000. She had to put about 300,000 into the house, and I can tell you that it was just awful for people making six figures, and have to go back and rebuild their homes, good people who had to rebuild of their homes after Katrina went through hell. I mean the ones who had to go back and rebuild their homes, it was a dangerous time, many lawless people were coming out at night searching to see what you had, many had to have guns to protect themselves. I don’t like guns, so I prefer to run for the mountains, and I don’t like living where you always have to evacuate during a hurricane. Does anyone here think that St. George, Utah, is safer than Cedar City, or Parowan? I am thinking of moving next month, but not sure which of the three is better. Any information you can give me would be helpful. Thank you for your time.