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  1. I recieved a black eye just using the Wii! Microsoft have just released another excuse for me to get assaulted lol
  2. Living in a town where gambling and alcohol are the two primary activities, I may have a t-shirt that states-"Mormon-unaffected by a town of sin!". Or "Keep your dens of chips and shots: I am rich off the Testimony and high from The Gospel"
  3. @liz I am in the north west, Blackpool ward. @ Bethie, would love to see MoTab live! I'm more of a Third Day/Casting Crowns fan. Thank you all for the welcomes.
  4. hey folks, glad i found this place. I was baptised on the 21st august this year after being introduced to the church by my girlfriend, who has been a convert for over 20 years. I'm a big christian rock fan, and my nose is in the scriptures every day, much to the annoyance of some lol. Hope you all have a fantastic week. Alex;)