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  1. Hay every one I am new to this forum. My name is Greg I am very passionate about helping people to get prepared! I am on a mission to get as many Americans as I can prepared before it’s to late! Please take 90 seconds to view this short video. FreeFood2Go, Food & Dining, Midvale, UT 84032 I am the owner of a multi million dollar home improvement company. So why preparedness for me? Folks the writing is on the wall! It is time to get ready! How long have our leaders been asking us to get ready? One of the problems many Americans have right now is that they don’t have the money to get them selves prepared. That is why I joined my self with FreeFood2Go and started FreeFood4America. With Families helping families we can get people prepared faster. If you have your preparations done we need your help! If you are just getting started we can help you get your preparations done fast. Sorry I don’t mean for this to be a commercial. I have just never seen a way to help others like this one! Please take a few minutes to check this out and then pass it on! www.freefood4america