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  1. Well to be frank about it I guess I don't find them attractive. I don't have a lot in common with them. I think they are cool but on the level of interest its just not there by any stretch of the imagination. Our branch consists of maybe 30 people total.
  2. So can someone explain who mary magdalene is. I know she is the first one that Christ appeared to after his resurrection but I get confused cuz ya hear rumors that she may have been Christs wife. Also i've heard that she was the prostitute brought before Jesus when he said he who has not sinned let him cast the first stone... I'm just not grasping the links and would like an explanation. Thanks
  3. understood....so what does a man do? just wait it out for 2 years till he can move to a lds community?
  4. So I'm a 27 yr old student on the east coast where the dating prospects are very slim. Yes there are are sisters in the branch but none of which I am interested in dating. I will be in school out here for another 2 years and would like to have an opportunity to settle down and get married. Frankly I'd say I lack faith that something will/can work out when i'm not in a situation where i can really even date. I've thought about the internet dating to try and broaden my horizons. What are some thoughts? i know elder oaks said its not a good thing so i'm torn.