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    Hi, So I joined mainly because I have been dealing with a problem. I was dating this guy for about a year and one day, he told me he had prayed about if we were suppose to be together and he said that he got an answer that told him we were suppose to always be together (after his mission of course). I prayed and got the same answer. However, time passed and we got into some things that we shouldn't have and eventually we split up. I still talk to him and see him a lot and we've been apart for a few months. He tells me I should move on but every time I try or think I should, I get a feeling we are suppose to still be together later in life. Is this just me trying to hold onto something I can't have or is this god telling me to wait for him? I don't know what to do about this situation anymore. Can any of you help me? KnowitLiveitLoveit