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  1. I think I'm speaking more of the personal relationship that is emphasized in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Or the personal God, that is the non Agnostic, non Atheist view that Christianity holds. I am impressed by your mention of debating the Atheist in Utah. Sooner or later, I want to work up the ambition before I finish my degree to have an out of the blue anti-sola scriptural debate with the evangelicals that bounce around school handing out Jack Chick Tracts to every person they come in contact with.
  2. Hi Anatess, I'm so glad that you have replied. This is where I find the contradiction. I understand exactly what your saying, I do not believe in the slot machine conception. But I think that is worth mentioning there is the dilemma I do not personally believe in a will to will alignment. I think if that was true, we would not see super high atheist achievers in life for say. Consider Jesse Ventura, Ex, navy SEAL and Ex, grass roots Governor. Who has been quoted to say that, " Christianity is for the weak who need strength in numbers" Do you believe that his quality of life, has any direction connection with him personally trying to seek a will to will relationship. That is the contradiction that I find, in that philosophy and therefore, that is a big reason, why I have the feelings i do. Chime in friend. ...
  3. Its a personal problem of mine. I guess I'd say that I know God exist. But I do not believe in him. With that being said, I noticed that nearly all churches use a star athlete in one form or the other, to try to recruit new members. I think listening to them talk makes me more of an agnostic then a Christian. I have a hard time swallowing anything about life, someone like Tim Tebow would have to tell me. or, many of the big time Catholic football athletes that are often interviewed on Catholic radio. I'm just throwing that out here, I know God exists, but I think that all prayer is just babbling nonsense into the air for the most part. Because prayer has never worked for me.
  4. Why would they forgive the father of the dead gun man? its not like he had done any shooting. Seems kind of rude to say to a guy who's son just went bonkers on a bunch of school girls.
  5. I'm just curious, if anyone else here, is by chance glad that a parent is dead and out of their life. When my father died, it was the biggest blessing not to have him interfere with my life. Does anyone else wrestle with these things ? Cheers!
  6. yes, I want to say the definition of Hell in the Catholic church is of fire and brim stone.
  7. Yes, there are quite a few. The famous Budd Dwyer suicide for one. There is also the clip of the man, who was filmed in Fox News, shooting himself as he was running on foot. There are some videos of people jumping form buildings to their death as well. There is also a very good HBO documentary on you tube, though I do not know the name. . I think some of these people are heroes, its like they where telling society you can't have me, since God abandon me.
  8. I've been watching a lot of suicide videos on you tube, and I'm curious what people think if that most people who commit suicide end up in hell. What is the LDS teaching on this doctrine. I know the Catholic church teaches it is one of the worst, mortal sins you can commit. I think some of these people are very inspirational.
  9. Hey man, don't talk about yourself like that. So what if you have awkward hobbies. Own the look dude, its all about balance. You should check out some Gregg Plitt, Being an Alpha Male doesn't mean you have to run around like Hulk Hogan Alpha males come in many shapes and sizes. Look at Weird Al Yankovic and his hot wife, You think he isn't awkward? There is also Nick Vucic the man with no arms and legs. Did you see that super babe he married ? man, I would kill to be that guy now, and he doesn't have arms and legs. Its all about how you carry yourself. You should check out some Gregg Plitt, talks on you tube, that guy is a God amongst men. You just need to be mentored correctly.
  10. I think its harmful from a non religious view. After so many years of looking at it, a man can become limp, or only aroused by extremely hardcore footage. Also, having unrealistic expectations about sexual acts. I had my fair share of pornography when I was younger.(teenager/early 20s) With in the last year I had visited a couple of adult sites again, and looking at it now in my 30's the only thing I can do is shake my head. Most of the "Actors" in the films act so bizarrely when they are engaged in the act it is ridiculous. You almost have to feel sorry for the "actors"; its like they have some kind of mental problems to act like that in front of a camera, then let people watch them. What more is the comments, that people leave on tube sites. Those in its self are disturbing; to think that sexual behavior is looked at as a sport and not an act of love between a husband and wife. The majority of men who leave comments are a bunch of losers who can never win a real woman over. I think if your an Alpha Male you don't need it. Not to mention the people who put their photos up on Craig's List looking for sex. I believe hell exist and that is what Hell is; Hell is where you go and have to put adds up on Craig'slist with your photos looking for NSA connections for eternity.
  11. Why wont' you get to go to college ? Community college as a start is very inexpensive. Do you live with family? What are your opertunitites I know much of what I'm posting from first hand experience. My father was an educated man, but you would never guess it to be so He had taken LSD more then 300 times, according to my mother, and he also drank a pint of vodka every day. But that is why he was dead at 58. A lot of the problem is, when your strung out, on porn or drugs, it changes your attitude. I wasn't given a golden ticket in my life, by God or family. I am nearly 35 and have been working on an BS degree for 8 years. So please do not think I can not relate to you. But through my experience, growing up in a house hold that used drugs, alcohol and pornography. I could see early on, that all of these things, where a burden to success. It seems that the majority of the population do not want to try to put in a 12 or 18 hour day during the weekends, studying.
  12. Yes more people work for low wages at Wal-Mart. . But there is never any mention about any of the vice industries taking away from time management or lowering the standards for opertunitites. I come from a blue collar family who drank, smoked, and watched pornography as well. However, now that I am much older, I had befriended more successful people in the community. People whom have become doctors or obtained masters degrees in advanced studies and make a lavish living. 1 correlation between this opportunity to be successful in the USA compared to the Wal-Mart workers; is in their household all of these vices where absent. Why is it Ok for Budweiser to market alcohol to someone's father who will prevent them from becoming educated, and taking advantage of American opportunity. The far left doesn't think about these things. They are often times not motivated enough or disciplined enough to recognize these distractions. Non of the protesters on occupy wall street have ever said, " Leave our community "Budweiser distributors", you are distracting us from gaining higher opportunity, we can not work or study up to 18 hours a day with you lowering the moral of the community standards". The latter believe, it feels good and doesn't hurt anyone, so they must not be greedy corporations. At least that is how I interpret it.
  13. I wanted to mention that I had noticed that many of the organizations or people whom are lobbying for big change in the USA or the world whom find fault with places like Wall Street or Wal-Mart never, mention the "Vice Industries" I had read online that the #1 site online for pornography is worth 56 million dollars But why is it considered ok for "vice" industries such as Casinos, Alcohol or Pornography to make large amounts of profit selling products who's blue prints are strictly designed to degrade family life not held at the same pedestal of socialist criticism ss McDonalds. The way I understand it is: Wal-Mart , McDonalds, & Wall Street are Evil, Pornography industry: Gambling, and in the future , the legalization of marijuana industries. are Not Evil Has anyone else noticed this? The average pot dealer or liquor store owner operating in a community has done more to damage the quality of life, for an American citizen to interfere with opportunity then what McDonald's minimum wage jobs will ever do. Something is wrong with the motivation in a society as a whole. When the libraries close at 5pm, and the bars close at 2am
  14. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a short story online, or if an audio book. Legit of course. of " The Devil and Simon Flagg" Does anyone else know it? Cheers!
  15. Do you know if its true, that BYU has the highest Muslim population due to the honor code? I think it is beyond ridiculous that state universities preach "Integrity" then at the same time, allow alcohol on campus. I think school should be where you go to put your 8 or 16 hours in a day and nothing more. Other then religious organizations, I don't see the justifications of any other activities.