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  1. I've been a member all my life, am currently 27 and in my last year of an MIS degree. I haven't always been active, and even since my mission there was a period where I really struggled to make it to church and the temple. It seems like it was during these off periods that I did most of my dating, and I inevitably ended up dating girls that were less-active, or non-members. Now I find myself at a point in life where I am fully ready and committed to both the lifestyle I know I should be living, as well as dating the right types of girls as I look for my future spouse. But I find myself realizing, I've never dated the "Mormon Way", and feel uncomfortable asking girls out in my single's ward. My roommates don't attend my ward, and so I'm trying to find a group to socialize with in the ward, but you all know how cliquey single's wards can sometimes be. Anyways, do any of you have advice for somebody looking to become very involved in a singles ward and looking to date with frequency? Please include any potential pitfalls that can be avoided as well. Thanks!