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  1. Hello Isabel and other Eleanor Allen and Fred Schrepel descendents. I am Charles William Fox, descended from Eleanor and Frederick's daughter Charlotte Lizette Schrepel O'Connor,l who was my maternal grandmother. "Coincidentally, I have just completed her life story as far as we could research it. I am awaiting final review by another O"Connor cousin before posting it on on her site. So far, all us O'"Connor based cousins believe it's pretty comprehensive. We had a hard time finding anything about Marie and looked for records during our two missions at Martin's Cove. We finally found there, a record of Marie's arrival in Salt Lake. Then found a a reference in Mr. George Morris's journal that she had "Dropsy" and was not expected to lived. Hearing about polygamy, she d id not want to die unmarried, so requested marriage to Mr. Grorge Morris, which marriage was performed late at night and she died about 3 hours later. We could find no burial records in Salt Lake. Frederick and Eleanor are buried close together in the Salt Lake City cemetery. I would be happy to send what I have documented, it's about 7 pages in MSW format. It focuses on Eleanor but with Martin's Company stuff thrown in because they suffered so. I don't have any information about any other siblings of Charlotte, except that I heard her mention names of "Maggie", Fred, and particularly Aunt Lou (Louisa). My recollection of her was tall, with reddish hair. I also vividly remember that early one Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church, Grandmother O'Connor came into our home dressed for travel instead of church as usual. My father asked her where she was going. Charlott's response was she was going to the train and going to St. Louis, because Aunt Lou died last night and came to visit me. My father took her to the Grand Central Station in Los Angeles and saw her off. Later that afternoon we received a telegram stating that her sister Louisa had died the evening before. We are closer to the other side than we normally believe aren't we. Which line of Eleanor are you descended from? It would be nice to organize a somewhat larger organization. I can forward the O'Connor cousin's list if you'd like. We have done some temple work for others of the Schrepel family that we could find. I remembr the name "Hoch", the two brothers married Schrepel sisters if my memory is correct. Charlie Fox, Alpine Utah My email is [email protected] phone: 801-885-1683