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  1. Hello everyone, i have been preparing for a mission for a year and a half now, all my friends are currently serving so im very eager to get out there and serve just like they are i recently came into some trouble though, i had saved up money from working since i decided that i wanted to go on a mission and by last month i had 4500 almost close to half in which me and the bishop agreed on, i was fine with it but then i had to pay something that required Immediate Attention or else my mom would have gotten into a lot of trouble(not law wise just health wise she has cancer), its left me with only 500 dollars and ive already had one interview now i just need to have the one with the Stake President so i dont think there is any turning back and i really dont want to Im 20 going on 21 in a few months so i die a little inside when i get letters from how they are doing on there mission i would really appreciate an honest opinion on what i should possibly do i honestly feel like ill let everyone down if i pull out right now its been eating at me all week FYI my parents cant really support me on my mission cause they need all the money they can get its kind of the reason why they couldn't pay for my moms treatments.