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  1. I feel as though I should move on. I've felt that way regarding the issue ever since I prayed,fasted, refrained from the sacrament and changed my actions. However, since I've been married in the temple I understand I should be held to a greater responsibility to my marriage and wife. I didn't know if based off that I would be required to talk to the bishop about this sin in order to be fully repentant. Am I looking too much into this and should just continue to trust my gut that keeps saying move on, but don't ever do that again?
  2. If I feel as though I'm forgiven, am i interpreting my answer incorrectly based off the sin (meaning if a married man kisses a woman other than his wife, is this sin "serious" enough that one loses their own priesthood authority or ability to hold a calling? I don't feel it is,but I'm also the one that committed the sin)?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I think that one thing that I'm confused about is why I felt like I was given the answer that I was forgiven if I haven't talked to the bishop. It made me feel as though it was not necessary to talk to him. So I felt better and moved on. I ask the question about talking to the bishop to see if I'm overlooking something. In your opinion it appears as though I am, and you could be right. But then I'm just confused about the answer to my prayers earlier...
  4. Actually maybe my real question is have I wrongfully interpreted my answer of being forgiven of this sin because I haven't talked to my bishop and/or wife?
  5. Hello, I've searched and found some topics slightly similar to mine but I wanted to get some opinions and insight from those of you here. My wife and I have been married for almost ten years. Temple marriage, 2 kids, I served an honorable mission, life has been good to me. Let me preemptively state I am trying to take full responsibility for my actions. I am not blaming my wife for any of MY sins...having said that we have struggled with intimacy during our marriage. We have been to counseling per my request and by our former bishop's recommendation, which helped some. As time continued I made the mistake of allowing a (Mormon married) coworker to get too comfortable with me (and I to her). She kissed me, and regrettably I kissed her back. After it happened once I felt terrible and felt like gosh, now I've screwed up and so I allowed the kissing to continue on more than that occasion. Nothing other than kissing was involved (ie no petting, etc) After a week or so I finally came to my senses and broke things off with the coworker. We no longer work together, or see each other. I told her I needed to make things right in my life and so it ended. I prayed and repented on multiple occasions, I also fasted and refrained from taking the sacrament for 3 weeks. After that time period I felt great. I had asked for an answer to my prayers and without going into detail I really feel as though i got my answer. I still wish that I had never allowed that situation to happen (it was 6 months ago) but I feel as though it gave me new perspective on how much I really love and care for my wife and family. So, the questions I have are 1-is this serious enough of a sin to need to talk with my bishop, and 2-do I tell my wife? Thanks in advance.