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    Talking to spirits?

    Hi all. My girlfriend of 2 years recently attended a church activity in which one of her leaders told her she had the gift of communicating past the veil and talking to spirits. Apparently, during this conversation she spoke to my girlfriends husband. My gf is now cry upset because we were planning marriage and now she's convinced I'm not her husband. Also in the same instance she supposedly contacting my girlfriends sister who has passed away and sent messages back to her. Clearly, my initial reaction to this is that she's crazy. But I wanted to ask here what the church's stand on this is? Is revelation like this possible or is that leader just crazy? I appreciate anyone who can post their opinion and also any doctrine or official opinions of the church on this issue. Thanks
  2. Rynoburgy

    Talking to spirits?

    She told my girlfriend that she was speaking to her husband, in a telepathic way I imagine. My girlfriend then asked if she had met him yet, to which she replied no. I agree that it is harmful to the girls and I believe she doesn't have the right to say those things. My next question would be, how can I approach talking about this with my girlfriend in a way that wouldn't offend her? She honestly believes that God was communicating these messages to her and I don't know what I should do :/