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    Relief Society Activity

    So I am in charge of planning a relief society activity for my married student ward. Out of the 25 active couples in the ward, 18 of them are either pregnant or have had a baby in the past 3 months. Would it be a bad idea to have a group baby shower for one of our activities? I know a lot of the sisters don't live by family so this might be the only shower they will get. It would be more of a get-to-know each other activity with brunch, games, and a white elephant gift exchange. Our past activities have all been based on homemaking, budgeting, exercise, etc. and we never have a very good turn out. I feel like maybe a fun activity/party would have a better turn out. My concerns are: does this idea fall under the guidelines set up for relief society activities? And also- would it offend anyone who isn't pregnant or is struggling with infertility? My husband and I are dealing with infertility and I know I wouldn't be offended at all.