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  1. Wow! I am overwhelmed with all of the wonderful, insightful and helpful postings. I never expected such a quick reaction. I am very thankful that I have found such a helpful resource. Much thanks to all of you who have read my thread and taken the time to respond to my queries. I will continue to read all of the postings and will formulate a proper response to your answers after I've had some time to digest it. Peace to all, Jenn
  2. Greetings everyone, I’m a non-LDS member and was hoping that some of you can give me some education and understanding regarding LDS missionary behavior and ethics. Background LDS missionaries started visiting my elderly father on a regular basis beginning early last year. He was a childhood member due to his parents’ indoctrination, but left the church once he turned eighteen years old. In fact, he hasn’t attended the LDS church or any other organized religion since he left the LDS church. According to himself and his own wishes, he has lived 57 years without a need for religion or spiritual guidance. However, after experiencing some major life changing events a few years ago, he has shown an interest in returning back to the LDS lifestyle. Although I have no religious affiliation or interest, I am not opposed to my father returning to the LDS church or any other religion if it suits his spiritual needs at this time of his life. However, I do have some concerns which I hope could be alleviated by any LDS experts out there. Monetary gifts Is part of the missionary mission to obtain money for the church? Are missionaries instructed to collect money from people they contact or receive money for doing teaching, housework or yard work? My father “slips” $20 bills to LDS sisters who come to see him. This has not been on only one single occasion. It is nearly every time they visit. He has used the word “slips” in conversations with me and has suggested that the sisters aren’t actually allowed to accept money on behalf of the church or themselves and that if they were found out, that they would face disciplinary action of some kind. Should the LDS sisters be accepting surreptitiously “slipped” cash from my father? Are they violating any standards of conduct or church rules by allowing my father to give them money? Expensive gifts Are missionaries allowed to accept expensive gifts from people they contact? In addition to “slipping” cash to the sisters, my father has also given out expensive jewelry to his favorite sisters as well. Is this ok? Does missionary training teach them that accepting expensive jewelry with precious stones from potential converts is ok? Any issues here? Is this acceptable behavior for LDS missionaries? Expensive meals Are LDS missionaries allowed to or expected to accept lunches and dinners in four star restaurants with people they are trying to convert? On numerous occasions my father has invited LDS sisters out to lunch and dinner at famous 4 star restaurants near his home. These lunches and dinners consisted of several LDS sisters with my father and came to several hundred dollars on each occasion. Is this acceptable behavior for LDS missionaries? LDS sisters entering the home of a male. Are LDS sisters prohibited from entering the home of a male if there are no other females present? This was told to my brother once when he was visiting our father. The doorbell rang at approximately 3:30pm in the afternoon and my brother answered the door. Standing at the door were two Mormon sisters. My brother invited them in and one of them asked nervously and in pausing speech, “Um……do you have any other….um… women in the house now?” My brother answered that no in fact not. They then proceeded to say that they could not enter the house because of this and that my father would have to go outside to meet with them. However, almost one week later my brother came home at 8:30pm and the same two sisters were sitting in my father’s living room and there were no other women present. They stayed until 9:30pm that night without any issues. So, what is the real deal? How can this set of circumstances be explained? Can Mormon sisters come into the house of a male without other females present? Is daytime taboo and nighttime alright? Two sisters and one elderly old man ok….but two men and two sisters not? LDS sisters versus LDS brothers Is the missionary service within the US specifically reserved for young LDS sisters only? It appears to me that LDS missionary work within the US are reserved for LDS sisters and the missionary work outside the US are reserved for the LDS brothers. Am I correct about this? Since, the LDS missionaries started contacting my father early last year, there has never once been an LDS brother to visit him. All of the LDS missionaries who have contacted my father have been sisters. Some finish their missions and return home, others are transferred to other assignments and areas, however, the one thing that stays the same is that they are always replaced by other very young LDS sisters. Is there a way to request that the LDS missionary service no longer send LDS sisters to visit my father and instead send LDS brothers? This would alleviate a lot of the concern myself and other members of my family have regarding my father’s connection to the LDS church. Conclusion/Summary Does everything seem like it is on the up and up regarding my father and his relationships with the LDS missionary sisters? Does anyone else feel that there is anything for me and my family to be concerned about? Is there an LDS rulebook or standards of conduct book that I could read? How about an Internet webpage outlining the do’s and don’ts of LDS missionaries? Could I obtain a copy of the training textbooks that I assume all LDS missionaries receive prior to their duty postings? Is there a manager or director of the LDS missionary program I could contact and get some assistance regarding any issues there might be? Any advice, suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated. With utmost respect, Jenn