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  1. @james12 thank you for the suggestion! I’d like light reading. The Book of Mormon requires me to go back and reread lines and think for a second, so it will be nice to have something when I’m giving my brain a break.
  2. Well im not far from there actually, northern Ohio, which isn’t nearly as bad as most describe it as (:
  3. Thanks for all the advice I will look into the Sunday school link! And for clothing anytime I’m not wearing my work scrubs I prefer to dress-up (:
  4. Yes. Initials and I was birthed in summer of 93 (: but thank you for the advice the app I’m using allows me to journal so maybe that will help too.
  5. I’ve actually downloaded the app and have began reading it in the early morning before bed (night shifter) for about a week now. I actually got half way through once before but then I felt in my head it would be a lot of responsibility to stop coffee, learn additional material, actually go to service and be the new person.. mostly self centered reasons. This time I’m reading with more clarity on what I’ll gain not quite what I’ll lose or need to change. thank you for your kind advice.
  6. Glad to know when I make the leap out of my comfort zone and try service I’ll be welcome to join projects etc before making any commitments. I do not resent my past church but there was a handful of things I didn’t agree with from what was taught and what was actually written. I felt there was discrepancies which is why I’m extra careful this time. I’m excited by the thought of having a home church to become involved with, especially once I have children I’d like to give them the spiritual foundation I lacked. ill have to locate your thread I’m sure it’ll answer the questions I have along the way (:
  7. I’m open for advice. My only previous church experience is a Lutheran Preschool and two years at a Pentecostal Church from 18-20. I didn’t feel like the Church was the right fit for me but it was near my house and I did have a desire to learn about the basis of Christianity even if I didn’t agree completely with the teachings. Being in a household that did not ever attend church I had to figure out where to turn myself. Side note: my parents still held us kids to high Christian values though.. Anyways I’m 24 into a full time career and working on my doctorate.. married.. things are great but I do feel I need something more, more Godly influence and literature in my life. I was doing some personal investing and searching for what makes most sense to me and came across information pertaining to the lds religion. At first I ignored the feeling bc as simple as it seems I love coffee so I said this won’t be for me. It came back to play in my mind once again so I decided to address things as they come coffee can be modified when I’m ready. i haven’t been to a service bc I’m nervous about the pace for potential converts. At the Pentecostal Church I felt rushed. I need refreshed but am familiar with old and New Testament.. I’ve started the BoM but was wondering about the other lds associated books. Are they held to the same level? What order are they read in? any other knowledge, wisdom, advice you wanna share?