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  1. Has there been a independent study Vaccinated Vs Unvaccinated? Iooked for one but it's been deemed manipulated, and thus I'm asking independent I was reading only about a handful 5 have been tested and the rest haven't. I've had multiple hospital admissions due to some vaccinations, I'm fully up to date, Civilian vaccinations, Lds Mission Vaccinations, Aus Military Vaccinations, and my guy health is ruined, I had my daughter have a severe reaction to her 4 month needles, still researching and prayed about it, and got a feeling that I should not ­čśâ
  2. Bazza


    Over the 19years of membership, Ive had heaps of experience and catching up with them and had led me to think well with my experience that there is a growing influence of narcissism in the areas I haven been too, Im asking if anyone has experienced or seen it? If you haven't thats ok, I'm asking if anyone has seen, experience it?
  3. Bazza


    Can anyone see a growing´╗┐ influence of narcissism in ´╗┐the ´╗┐church´╗┐?
  4. Bazza


    I'm from Australia, I've been to Utah, LA, Fiji, I'm not hating on the church but is there like a growing influence of narrasassism in the church? Well I'm of Polynesian Heritage and Scottish, I've seen so much of it and I believe this is one way satan is attacking families.