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  1. As the subject suggests, I'm a gym bro. Ever since I started working out it has been my life. I wouldn't give up training for the world because I'm so passionate about this and slowly but surely becoming lean and aesthetic has been a fulfilling journey. I feel like ever since I started working out a little over a year ago I've been in conflict with the church's doctrine. My parents are always telling me to work out less (currently on a 6-day ~9hr/week split) and that my gains a temporary as I will simply lose them once I leave on a mission. Just today my dad told me that I won't have my muscles in Heaven and that the only things you take is family, ordinances, life choices, etc. I think it's ridiculous how I'm being ridiculed for doing something as basic as exercising. I've decided that I won't be serving a mission at all if it means I can't work out. How is this even an issue? Granted, missionaries are allotted 30 mins for exercising, but for me that's merely than a pitiful ration, even when disregarding commute times to the gym and back. Even if I went full Mike Mentzer style it wouldn't work and besides, I shouldn't have to do that to begin with. When I raise my concerns to the bishopric, teachers, etc. I'm met with this "he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." (Matthew 10:39) sorta answer that isn't very satisfying. It seems like all this flies in the face of the whole "Word of Wisdom" and "the body is a temple" thing. I've worked so hard and I see no reason why I should lose my gains now, later in life, or after I die. (Will I take my gains with me to the next life? I don't wanna be a shredded dad my whole life only to be skinny in heaven with my family eternally; that would be stupid.) tl;dr - don't wanna serve a mission bc it means I can't work out and I think that's dumb