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  1. Chrome force-updated on my phone while I was trying to type this out so I had to make sure I typed this out. Before I begin I would like to caveat what I am about to say with a few things to remember. This is a topic that you must approach with alot of humility and a healthy portion of caution. There is alot of information out in the world that is designed to use this desire and fascination to pervert your faith. Be careful who and what to trust, and let the holy spirit guide you solely along with your understanding of the word. In mathew it says if you have faith but a mustard seed you can command mountains to move, and they will go to the sea. Understand that a mustard seed is extremely small. The poetry is about a small thing growing larger and becoming stronger, as should your faith. But having true faith, even if only a little, qualifies you to do this. Jesus granted his disciples the authority to do miracles, as an additional source of divine credentials of sorts. This is proof that he authorizes true believers to perform supernatural feats. However there are some rules that seem to come with this gift. Understand this gift is not meant to be for your selfish benefit, and will outright fail if you try to do it on a case by case basis. If you try to do it you must expect it to work. With conviction, with absolute confidence and expectation that the command will work, you must fully acknowledge to yourself that it is not "you" doing it, you are not the source, but rather the holy spirit flowing through you. If you get asked how you were able to do it you must always proclaim that it is because of God's authority over all, and that we are given the authority to command the world(things not people) around us to submit in his name. Never ever ever claim it as a power that you create, it is a gift to be used for his glory, never ours. Things I've done it with, smoke, electricity, something that was broken and needed to work, people engaged in the occult and I believe we're also possessed. It can be practical but it's significantly stronger if it's directly related to testimony and evangelical uses. The commanding of the people were people threatening me/attacking me, and had to faith in God/Jesus in their hearts. The people themselves still had their free will but where unable to continue threatening/attacking me using spiritual forces/demons. It doesn't make you a puppet master I could never force them to give me riches even if I wanted that. But you can use it for protection from ungodly people/posessed/occult practitioners in a physical sense. I will check back in a few days if anyone has comments or wants to discuss scripture about my interpretation of the word/why I believe the way I do, my specific experiences and instances of doing these things. All my gifts are blessings from God to be used for his purpose, plan, for me and my life in him, in Jesus name, Amen.