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  1. Dear All, I'm Joned, 22, male. I'm an Indonesian. I'm a convert since July 2009. I believe that this is the true Church. I feel my life has been more blessed since I join this Church. The members are lovely and nice. I'm dealing with same-gender attraction. But I always try to live according to the Gospel and keep myself worthy. I hope I can find supports from other members by joining this forum. I hope we can be good friends. Thank you Joned
  2. Hi Everyone. My name is TGoldstein and I guess I should introduce myself by sharing what brought me to this site. I am a new Mormon, born and raised in Judaism. I love the church and I know that it is true. There is a life in my light that never had been until January 3, 2009 when I was baptized. I am a mom to two beautiful children. My son, is with me in spirit only. He died in 2007. However, I know that he witnessed my conversion and his little sister's too. Now he is waiting for his work to be done. My daughter is 18. She was baptized on February 21, 2009. She's been attending the U of U for a year and is transferring to BYU in January. GO COUGARS! The love of my life is my husband. We have been married 25 years and I know that what helped us weather the storm of our son's death is the church. He is not a member and doubts the existence of God. However, he's very supportive, loves delivering meals to the sick, attending potlucks and organizing the Chili Cookoff! I pray that one day he will be willing to study his seed of faith. Professionally, I have a degree in journalism with an emphasis on public relations. I use my education everyday as a fundraising executive for a vision organization. I love spending time with my family and my cats. I enjoy reading, walking outside, listening to the rain on the rooftops and making a meaningful difference in the world. I welcome introspection and making positive, personal changes. I'm becoming very crafty.
  3. A little about me mmm... Well I'm a convert to the church for about 16 years, I have a strong testimony of the church and it's doctrine. I have a great knowledge about this church and it's doctrine. I'm getting ready to start Spring Forest QiGong, and as soon as I land a job, start my schooling for Herbal Medicines, I am all about healing without Pharmesuticauls. You know, I never know what to put here, if you truly want to get to know me, and what I'm like. Drop me a note. Zen
  4. Hi! My name is Victoria MacKenzie. I am currently Catholic, but I'm thinking of converting to Mormonisim. (If "mormonisim isn't the right word, please somebody tell me!) Several of my closest friends are Mormon, and since I go to a public school, many religious debates insued. These debates sparked my interest in the LDS religon. I have been interested for several years, but I'm just now really considering it as a choice. I would like to know where to start, as I am completly new to the concept of actually converting to this religion. I have bought a "triple" to read, but that intimidated me even more. If I should purchase additional material, please tell me. Thank you, Victoria
  5. James also got baptized tonight. YEAH for the guys! James I know that you are starting a journey that will bring you an eternity of happiness!
  6. My introduction with a warning - some adult concepts below. I am a convert to the church of 10 years. Before I joined, I had plans to change my sex having never felt right as my birth gender, but during the process of making such a weighty decision, I was introduced to the church and gained a testimony of it. I learned that I had a spiritual gender and certain roles and responsibilities involved with it. I remained faithful and worked to overcome my cross gendered feelings that plagued my life until ultimately they proved to be too much for me. I left the church to continue with the process of transition. Despite my successful transition, I could not forget the testimony I had of the church and the potential greater blessings in store for me if I followed the church 100% even if doing so potentially meant depression and heartache during this life. Also, the thought of one day being married and not being able to be sealed to my spouse or children really bothered me. So in a desperate prayer for direction, Heavenly Father revealed to me that if I returned to the church, the road back would be paved for me. I acted on this faith, returned to the church and my former life, and despite extreme physical changes, over the next year was able to reverse or minimize many of them so much so that I was able to eventually go to the temple and take out my endowments. I realized over the years that my gender issues were not in fact that I needed to change my sex, but that I was incredibly unhappy with the social aspects of my gender, and that if I had changed my sex, I would have dealt with the same issues, but in reverse. I have a very hard time with social gender rules and roles. This, as you can imagine, makes being a member of the church difficult at times considering the church's strong views on sex roles and expectations. I do my best to play the part I'm assigned, but I feel like I'm acting just to get by and not stir up controversy, when in fact at times I'm screaming inside wishing I could be seen as something other than my birth sex. It gets tough being defined by it especially when you don't even think you are it. NOTE: I've intentionally not revealed my sex because I don't want your advice or opinion to change because of whom you are talking to. I chose 'male' on my profile because it is the normative default sex for English language. Well I've gotten a bit too heavily into my issues which I can discuss more later. Suffice it to say for this intro thread, I do have a testimony of this church, of this Gospel, and of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe that my issues in this life are given to me by God for my betterment and that through faith they can be overcome if it be His will that I do so. I am have come to this forum because I need someone to talk to. I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to in my ward. I feel that talking about things like this to other members in person would only be a bother to them and make them uncomfortable, but I need people in the church to talk to even if my situation is an alien one. I've added a more detailed bio here:
  7. I am a new member of this forum and am not LDS. I am, however, contemplating becoming a member of the church. I have been attracted to the LDS church ever since my early days. I think the biggest thing that may hold me back is I'm afraid I could not remain friends with all the non-LDS friends that I have. Also, I am concerned how the church would treat me since I would probably initially need to join the church on my own. I'm sure my wife would not join immediately because of all the negative things she's heard about Mormons over the years. I'm hoping that by my witness my wife and two kids would also eventually join the church.