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  1. ZenMormon

    Speaking in Tongues

    The reason that he spoke the Adamic Language is because he was influenced by the Holy Spirit to do that. Why did it stop, it hasn't stopped. There was an instance in WWII were 4 members of the church were caught behind enemy lines, they saw a German soldier coming towards them, instead of panicing they continued. The German soldier stopped them and said something to them, one of the brothers replied to him in German. After the German soldier was out of ear shot, one of the others asked him since when did he speak German. He replied, "I don't". So like bytebear said, sometimes maybe the person speaking in tongues isn't aware that they are.
  2. ZenMormon

    Born Under Covenant

    Hey photo, I understand your concern. Because your nephew is sealed to you sister in law and her ex husband, when it comes time for the resurrection your nephew will get to chose who he wants to go with. I learned that because the same thing happened to me, my mom had her sealing canceled. She was told that us kids would get to chose who we wanted to go with in the resurrection. I hope this helps.
  3. ZenMormon

    When did Jesus visit America?

    After the death of Jesus Christ, he went to the spirit world for 3 days. After the resurrection and after the 40 days that Christ spent with his Apostles in the old world, he ascended to the heavens from Mt. Olives. Right after that is when Christ descended to the Nephites and lamanites. The Book of Mormon does not state that it was right after, of course nor does it state that it was right away either. Christs first mission was to the old world, once his mission to them that dwell in Jerusalem was done and he was lifted then he was able to spend time with those who dwelt here in america.
  4. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    it's understandable over43. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who are herbalists who have never attended a formal school. They experiment on their own, this can be foolish. While I have not had that formal education yet, plan on it as soon as I get a job. When I suggest herbs for people, it is based on life long studies and verified by Those who have attended school, I will never suggest an herb that i feel won't benefit them.
  5. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    Ok, my newest blog is finished check it out at The New Wellness Institute
  6. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    Sorry I've been doing research on what is best. Don't want a mistake on my record.
  7. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    It doesn't matter what anyone says about me nor about the benefits of Herbal Medicine and Alternative therapies. If anyone would like a link to my site, please send me a pm.
  8. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    I'm done talking to blaylock on this subject, his pestimestic attitude is causing contention and we all know the source of contention. So with this I will continue to teach Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies, and ignore any posting by said person. For those who are interested in this topic you can follow what see my profile for website address.
  9. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    I am not promoting my business, I am simply try to start a thread where people can discuss the different type of alternative therapies and herbs that have shown to help people, not once have I mentioned my company. There are more people every year that are seeking out a safe alterternative to Gentile Medicines, If someone disagrees that's their choice. I have read the link you gave blaylock, I feel for the families that have been hurt by this "Black salve", The herbalists who gave those crossed the line of an herbalist, Herbalists do not diagnos medical problems, that is what happened, they thought things where cancerous when in actuallity they weren't, An herbalists main duty is to teach, nothing more. I have not put down doctors usefullness, just the pharmesuticuals they prescribe. I'm sorry if you think I am promoting a business, it is not true. I believe that people should be able to use herbal medicine in placement of Gentile medicine, when I prescribe an herb, I try to find out what type of drugs they are on and an herb would give better results, I don't take on a doctors position. With the case of my mother the cayanne pepper has been better her then the drug. Since having her taken cayanne pepper, she has gone on walks that usually would have required her to use her heart medicine, but with the cayanne pepper she didn't need it because the cayanne pepper is actually starting to strengthen her heart. Even her doctor is impressed with it. I will not stop dealing in herbs, or alternative therapies. I will continue to educate people of the benefits of such things. And God has my witness, I will continue to help those who are able to use them safely.
  10. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    Yes, Doctors are starting to see the true benefit of herbs, the ones' I've ran into are close-minded. What condition do you have? Maybe I or one of the others can help.
  11. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    First of all, your logic stinks what does automobiles and horses have to do with Herbs and Doctors drugs, NOTHING. In my life I haven't seen anyone hurt by herbs, in fact I've seen people have more of a life with herbs then with drugs. And all my herbs don't come at a price, I give advice. And if I give someone a tincture, it's generally free. I have studied herbs most of my life, so I have a basic knowledge, In order to feel right to work in a herb store, I have to go to a 4 year school to be able too. That includes 400 hours of clinical work, once I am done I have a lot of laws I have to obey. If herbs are no good, then why did Joseph Smith and Brigham Young use them instead of Gentiles medicine? If you require proof, I'll be glad to provide it. But since you won't believe anything I say will change your mind so please, don't respond. Your negative energy is quite depressing
  12. ZenMormon

    NIV changes and Bible inerrancy

    The changes are profound and will more then likely effect the purchases of it. The one that sticks out is any reference to Gods being refered to him/he/his or any reference to God being male.
  13. ZenMormon

    Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    Oh here's another lawsuit against an drug company Suffer Tendon Rupture or Tendonitis While on Antibiotic Levaquin? Go figure