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  1. bytebear


    These platforms are "the public square" regardless of them being on private property. if you allow people to stump on your lawn, you have an obligation to allow free speech. Someone mentioned slander/libel, and that's fine, but there are laws for that, and the people posting the lies can be held accountable. But presenting a belief that is generally considered false is still free speech. And I believe you must allow 1000 lies if it reveals a single truth.
  2. bytebear

    Updates to the Handbook

    Doctrine can pertain to certain people at certain times, and not globally or eternally.
  3. bytebear

    Listening to Arguments at the SCOTUS

    I wish they would just be constitutional.
  4. bytebear

    Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

    I have the same view, although I wonder if Michael returned to his role after his mortality. But interesting if each patrioch is prepared in that role before mortality, which makes the JoD statement make sense that Joseph Smith was the most recent office holder we know of.
  5. bytebear

    Biden Corruption Emails

    For what it's worth, the media has shifted their narrative from "Fake news" to "Not about Joe". Both of which are lies, but it looks like the story has suffered from the Streisand Effect, where an attempt to bury a story actually amplifies it.
  6. bytebear

    Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

    I believe the Holy Ghost has already lived a mortal life and was baptized.
  7. bytebear

    Kamala Harris? Really?

    She is the attack dog, so expect her to play the race card as hard as she can against Trump. But she won't bring out the black vote. She has too much baggage as a prosecutor including questionable acts of evidence suppression. Oh, and she will not call the shots. The puppet masters will manage Biden behind the scenes. She is only here for the votes, not for anything she could actually contribute to the administration.
  8. bytebear

    The Plan of Salvation

    And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. - Jude 1:6
  9. bytebear


    Next year go to Utah for Pioneer Day (July 24th). The festivals are outstanding.
  10. bytebear

    How do i become a mormon

    Find the nearest church, and go. The rest will come.
  11. bytebear

    Baptisms for the dead

    didn't read through the whole thread so I apologizes if this was mentioned, but baptism has been uses as both remission of sins and a sign of entering Christ's church and not always together. Before the church was established, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry baptized each other after receiving authority from John the Baptist. They then baptized others. After the church was established in 1830, everyone was rebaptized as a commitment to Christs newly formed church. And new members were baptized as members and for the remission of sin. And in the early days of the church, members would be rebaptized for the remission of sins. Later Sacrament became the only outward symbol, which is frankly, a lot more convenient. But I suppose one could request being rebaptized. And of course, those excommunicated are rebaptized when they return to the church.
  12. I feel like I am reliving Reagan vs Mondale.
  13. bytebear

    Temples and Adult Converts

    Sealings of the living children to parents can be done regardless of age. All kids can participate in their own family sealing. Kids born "in the covenant", that is, born to parents who are sealed, are automatically sealed under that covenant of the parents. Adopted kids can also be sealed to their adoptive parents, regardless of age. The marriage sealing is a separate ordinance than parents to child(ren) sealings.
  14. bytebear

    Help with investigator questions

    If you truly believe #4 "we have the full counsel of God in the bible" then there is no need for a prophet. But I don't believe that. Not for a minute. The Bible itself makes no such claim, and neither does the church claim it has the full counsel of God, at least not yet.
  15. bytebear

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    This is not Yoda. But a baby of the same species.