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Found 1 result

  1. Sen. Bernie Sanders grilled Russell Vought, nominee for Deputy Director of the Office of Budget and Management, on his religious beliefs—specifically, that Jesus is the only way for salvation—and then declared he would vote against Vought, because of those beliefs. Law experts say the senator clearly violates the spirit of the U.S. Constitution, which allows for no religious testing of candidates for public office, but that senators may approve or reject whoever they want, for whatever reasons. Given that Sanders publicly interrogated Vought on his beliefs, and then openly said that he would reject the candidate because of his religious convictions I wonder. I am no lawyer, but to my untrained eyes and ears, Vought was given a religious test, and the senator declared that he had failed it, and so would be rejected. This is where Social Justice Warriors embrace the postmodernism milieu. If there is no ultimate truth, then all interactions are based on power. It matters not that Islam says God has no son, and whoever says he does is an infidel. Nor is it a concern that the Talmud declares Jesus a false prophet. To Sanders, Muslims and Jews are powerless, while Christians have power. So, it is not inconsistent to condemn and reject Christians, while given minority faith groups a pass on their claims to exclusive truth. People of faith do well to obey the Apostle Paul’s admonition to pray for those in authority. Spiritual contention in the public square never ends well. God-seekers get divided, pitted against one another, and then ended doing ungodly actions in the name of defending the faith and the faithful. Fast, pray, meditate, and seek ever after God. Perhaps most pertinent during this season where there may be a few winners, but in which there will surely be many losers, remember that vengeance belongs to God.