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Found 1 result

  1. Do you all remember Stephen E. Robertson? In 1992, he wrote the book Believing Christ and wrote an article in the Ensign on the same topic asking the question “Do we Believe in Christ without believing Christ?” When I first heard it I rolled my eyes, “Ok. Another person came up with a cute play on words, and now people are running with it as if it renews their spirits somehow.” Yes, I’m a cynic... Recently, I’ve had cause to reflect on this question. My pointed questions are: Do we really believe the Lord runs this Church and not man? Do we really believe that the Atonement can bless us in this life, not just the next? Do we really believe continuing revelation occurs on a regular basis in the Church? Do we really believe the Church is founded on revelation and not on avoidance of liability? Do we really believe the power of the Priesthood is active in our blessings? Do we really believe that we have the Hosts of Heaven at our backs? I personally have had many faith promoting events in my life that would tell me YES to all these. But many active saints in my life seem to be resistant to the notion. I’ve been healed by blessings. I’ve received ministering of angels. I’ve heard an actual Voice speak to me. One Ex-Mormon friend who now attends another Christian Church was visibly, physically, shaken by it and had to remark, “Well, that’s just freaky!” The list goes on… While many have believed my testimony, I’m concerned about so many who utterly refuse to believe. It’s not my job to convince them, nor do I try. Yet, it is disturbing to know how many say they “believe in” but they don’t really “believe”. It seems that many are willing to believe in things if they can also be attributed to chance or other mundane explanations. But if it is inexplicable (truly miraculous) they don’t know how to process it. FAITH PROMOTING STORY As ward mission leader years ago, I met with the stake mission president. He told me his conversion story. Just before he was to be baptized, he had a business assignment that allowed him to meet with Pres. McKay. They started talking about some gospel questions for a few minutes. You don’t pass up a chance like that! In that private conversation he asked Pr. McKay, “Tell me. Have you ever personally, physically spoken with the Lord as one man speaks with another?” Pres. McKay gave a little chuckle, “Of course.” Then pointing to the very room they were sitting in and the conversation they were having with chairs pushing the two of them close together he said, “We have had many interviews since I was called to this office.” So, am I alone in experiencing the miracles that are as clear and plain as day? I believe that as Latter-Day Saints we need to be close to the Powers of Heaven. I believe that as Latter-Day Saints we need to be a people who believe that miracles can be familiar to us. Am I alone in this?