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Found 1 result

  1. What are people's thoughts on the origin and nature of the world's religions, including Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism, etc? I fully believe the LDS church is true and of God. At the same time, I've read a lot about Eastern religions (Buddhism, Taoism), and to be completely truthful, they've been a great help to me also, and I've found nothing in them that contradicts truth I've learned through the Book of Mormon, LDS teachings, etc. Indeed, at some level, they both seem very much compatible, teaching one to be a "peaceable follower of Christ", yet in the case of the Eastern philosophies, it's almost like they know the truth/have followed the light within themselves, yet know not from whence it comes (Christ). What are other's thoughts on the validity/truthfullness of the world's religions? I've thought about this a great deal, and truly believe that people like the Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc, were very spiritual and inspired people, living in a time/place where the gospel was not restored. Like all religions (Christianity as well), the pure original teachings can be corrupted, turn into idol worship, lose their purity, etc. But, from my understanding, these other religions are truthful as well, perhaps without the "fullness" of the restored gospel, yet nonetheless inspired speak of truth. Thoughts? (Sorry for the two back to back forum questions, these thoughts just came to me now =))