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Long story........

For the last several monthes I have felt extremely strong about leaving my full-time position w/ EMS. Mainly because I have a 2 hour commute and then my shift is 48 hours long. I have felt extremely strong that I need/have to be at home. I also have come to the point where its time to go back to church. (The reasons for me being in-active is long but needless to say I know its where I need to be.)

The confussion part comes in that I have been offered my old job back in a physician's office....I have also interviewed for a position at the hospital. The hospital is slightly better pay (I will take a HUGE pay cut leaving EMS), but being on call is required.

Last night I knelt in prayer and I am actually at peace w/ leaving EMS full-time and know that it is the right decission. I'm just confussed at what I should do w/ the job w/ my M.D. which has been offered to me....or the hospital that hasn't given me the job.


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Personally, it sounds like you have a good place working for your M.D. if you decide to go back.

But you need to ask yourself some questions first before you decide to make the change:

Can I afford to live on the salary they are willing to give me?

Will I be happy here in 6 months? A year? Longer?

Will I be able to achieve my goal of being active in the church again?

I'm sure there are more, and you need to make the final call.

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