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    Introducing Myself

    Hello and welcome to the site. Here are a couple of sites that might be useful to you (if you haven't already found them)..... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Mormon.org - Home Jesus Christ, The Son of God
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    Our talented forum members

    I am deeply concerned about my fellow members..............I am starting to think that too much time infront of the computer added w/ the holiday cheer that it has become just too much. May I suggest...... Online Counseling - Professional Counselors - Therapists Online - LivePerson )
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    Long story........ For the last several monthes I have felt extremely strong about leaving my full-time position w/ EMS. Mainly because I have a 2 hour commute and then my shift is 48 hours long. I have felt extremely strong that I need/have to be at home. I also have come to the point where its time to go back to church. (The reasons for me being in-active is long but needless to say I know its where I need to be.) The confussion part comes in that I have been offered my old job back in a physician's office....I have also interviewed for a position at the hospital. The hospital is slightly better pay (I will take a HUGE pay cut leaving EMS), but being on call is required. Last night I knelt in prayer and I am actually at peace w/ leaving EMS full-time and know that it is the right decission. I'm just confussed at what I should do w/ the job w/ my M.D. which has been offered to me....or the hospital that hasn't given me the job. :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Twilight life of Stephenie Meyer, the world's biggest author

    Well........................we can agree to disagree. By no means is she a Loisa May Alcot or even a Stephen King...she is who she is. I have seen far too many youth sit infront of a computer game and/or TV and I would prefer a book w/ or w/out fluff.
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    Twilight life of Stephenie Meyer, the world's biggest author

    I will admitt I am a Twilight fan. I feel bad that she has been bashed by Stephen King and others. However if it gets some one to open a book and read.....then GREAT!!! Her intended audience was young girls and not adults. It shouldn't be compaired to books for or intended for adults. And if by chance she had made a bundle of money doing something she enjoyed................good for her!!!!!
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    The Field is White and Ready to Harvest

    Pam...I was going to ask if he was related to J. Golden Kimball??? Awesome story Snow..thnks for sharing!
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    Hi and welcome to the site.
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    Investigator who's practically a member ;)

    Hi and welcome to the site!
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    trying to talk myself off the ledge...

    I ditto everything plus watch the movie "Fireproof". You have to stop chatting w/ him and start communicating with your husband. Your husband has to be and needs to be your best friend. Good luck!
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    Not an endorsement...but

    Well..................we did have the man that played the Gipper as president and we have the Terminator as a governor..........so why not Gomer:eek::eek:
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    Just signed up and looking to learn more...

    Hi and welcome to the site!
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    I'm darkangel

    Bonjour!!!!!! And welcome to the site!!
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    Spokane WA Realtor New To The Forum

    Hi and welcome to the site.
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    Too Much?

    I agree, but I also think that the good that a lot of these individuals do go unnoticed. Like Beyonce supports Second Harvest and Love Our Children USA to name a few. Also I know that Harrison Ford has personally assisted Teton County Wyoming in searches with his personal helicopter.
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    The fruits of superdad69's conversations

    here is my 2 cents.................................. Site Rules 1. Do not post, upload, or otherwise submit anything to the site that is derogatory towards The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, its teachers, or its leaders. Anti-LDS Propaganda will not be tolerated anywhere. 2. Please be conscious of the fact that although LDS.NET is aimed towards an LDS audience, that the membership of this site consists of friends from an array of different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. Please be respectful and courteous to all, and know that everyone who is willing to follow the Rules and Terms of LDS.NET are welcome to participate and be a member of LDS.NET. Keep in mind that anything posted, uploaded, or otherwise displayed on the site should be understandable to friends of other faiths as well as to members. Please define any LDS vocabulary that friends of other faiths may not understand (i.e. Mutual, Relief Society, and Deacon.) 3. Personal attacks, name calling, flaming, and judgments against other members will not be tolerated. -------------------------------------- Are we doing more harm then good?