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  1. Things aren't out of context. The OT writers blamed all sorts of horrible things they did on God. Think what a different tome it would be if God had written it instead of man.
  2. Now you are acting like acting like I don't have scriptures or know what they say. Why are you doing that? ... And no, it doesn't matter how you view scripture. What I posted is factually true regardless. Besides which, what the scriptures say has little or nothing to do with my point. Did you even read the thread?
  3. And that is precisely the point. The poster claimed that clearly Christ stated... Which, obviously is not clear at all. What is really going on is that some people God said one thing while other people say that God says other things. We Mormon accept as a dogmatic proposition that God said certain things, but God Himself says nothing about it openly... Something completely lost on the poster. And far from not being serious, I am completely serious and factually correct. Btw, as you probably already grasp, asking to prove Satan is NOT real is a very different deal - so different that I wonder why you would even bring it up.
  4. Doh! I coulda had a V-8. New iPad 'miles ahead' of other tablets - Video - Technology
  5. Completely false. I never said that, I never implied that, I never even thought that. Now your behavior is as lamentable as the other poster's. Do I seriously have to go through this again? If that is so, then you should be able to conclusively demonstrate that. I'll just sit back while you fail to do that.
  6. Many in the Church today are still in the dark ages... Rejecting evolution or holding to a literal flood as described in the Bible. There's no shortage of unenlightend Mormons.
  7. Oh my... This sort of thing has been going on for 2000 years, and every time has been wrong. Exactly what is this guys track record when it comes to predicting future super natural events? Batting zero I'd guess.
  8. Have you considered working on yourself before you get yourself in any further lather judging others?J
  9. I wonder what's more messed up - people who have backwards notions about victims or people who want to physically assualt people them disagree with. The latter I'd say.
  10. The topical guide? How bout you reseach the role of the advesary in the Divine Coucil in ancient literature and then let's talk. It happens in the Book of Job 1: 15, 17, 18 and the wager was that Job wouldn't turn his back on God because of it.
  11. That's your rebuttal? Seriously? I guess my response to that will have to be: "nu uh!"
  12. That's just a bunch of meaningless blather. You could just say that a green monster from planet nine has his seven eyes on me and the evidence for either would be exactly the same... As well as the effect it has on me and how how live my life... No effect whatsoever. Let me ask you a question... Apparently you believe in the devil... So how would my life be made better if I too believed in a magical, invisible, super, evil creature?
  13. It does't refer to the "devil." During the time the Book of Job was written, the was no such creature as the devil as we think about today. The character in Job was ha-satan, an archetypal character in ancient literature that acted on behalf of the king... In this case God; someone who hung out in bathrooms and alleys and saw what people sails about the king behind hid back. In real life God does't conspire with the devil to murder people on a bet.
  14. When you said "film" I thought you meant something other than a video of a fat sweaty guy dancing with a tennis racket to pirated, copyrighted music.