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  1. Yes, I have this strange irrationality when it comes to men who can't manage to keep their pants zipped and are bent on destroying families.
  2. Does this part of the forum include Primary? My husband and I are brand new Sunday School teachers. Kelly
  3. And there was no point to her screaming. He put his thumb over the eye-hole, and she lived pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Nobody would've heard it anyway.
  4. Kind of kills me that I can't recall the name of the additive, but with all of the flying jokes about hemorrhoid cream, fact is that you can only get the right stuff in Canada because they still have the right ingredient... that I can't recall the name of. I'm sure Google can help with this. I'd find it, but I'm on another plane of existence at the moment. Kelly
  5. Well, she's not a JW any longer. And she has two children with another guy I'd like to punch in the mouth. I guess the bottom line is that I can't save the world and I should probably just let this thing go, but I'm in my cosmetology class for 5 hours every night and if I'm not listening to this, I'm listening to another boyfriend crisis. Her history, btw, is not common knowledge. It's just something she told me privately, but her new trials with the guy she's with now is part of the new stuff that comes with every new student. Or old student, or ANY student that happens through. I'm not so sure how much more I can take. BLAH.
  6. I have a friend who was raised as a Jehovah Witness. In her adult life, she was raped. When she went to the elders (or whatever it is they have) they told her it was her own fault. I told her that although Jesus is perfect, men are not. There are plenty of idiotic Mormons that need a personality change, but since then I've tried to research this because I couldn't believe they'd (JW's) be that backward and idiotic. Evidently, they are. I know Mormons are sitting ducks for bad jokes, but this is not a joke and it's not funny. It makes me want to hit the next Jehovah Witness I see . And now I can't even remember the question I wanted to ask. Kelly
  7. In our neighborhood I think every other kid got some remote control thing! Even the girls. This year there was no money for presents. I'm just glad we don't have kids to have that to worry about. It's fun watching the neighborhood go nuts. My patience will wear thin before they all break down though.
  8. I doubt it Gretchen. How many people are actually going to watch that clip and base their opinion of our church off it? I think it was cute. I really need to get my Klingon flag finished now that I have all the materials.
  9. I'm in mourning for the Packers' last game. I'm sure they lost because I wasn't wearing my hat.
  10. There's a rumor going around now that he may have been murdered. In truth, I don't even know what an "Imperialist" is.
  11. They'd definitely need to send him somewhere where he wasn't a household name I'd think.
  12. Well I have serious problems with meat-eaters becoming grain-eaters. I know this from a decade at the wildlife center and one couple who decided since they were vegetarian, the great horned owl baby they found was to be vegetarian as well. By the time we got it, its bones would easily bend. We had to put it down because there was no way of fixing the damage. The whole thought makes my blood run cold. Not exactly paradise.
  13. I'm disturbed and I haven't even opened the article! I trust you guys.
  14. The 144K are already chosen from what I understand. No JW today is trying to be in that mix. They think the Earth itself is going to be paradise. No heaven needed.