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  1. I'm surprised that no one else posted this before. It'll be live-streamed on June 1st.
  2. One benefit to all this, is that those of us who identify as "misfits", normally meet with and are ordained only to the office of Elder. (Yes, I know about the article about "Only an elder.") But the EQ deals with more misfits (divorced/single men) than the HP group normally did. By combining them all, will make the priesthood quorum more cohesive of a group, rather than a young "still trying to figure out our way and still have younger babies" quorum vs older/stable quorum. Just my musings as an admitted "misfit" myself.
  3. Slightly off-topic:,_O_God,_for_a_Prophet While preparing to speak at a CES fireside being held at Brigham Young University's Marriott Center on February 7, 1993, Howard W. Hunter, the president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, was confronted by Cody Judy, who rushed onto the rostrum and threatened Hunter and the audience of 15,000 to 17,000. Judy carried a briefcase that he claimed contained a bomb and held what appeared to be a detonator-like device. Judy demanded that Hunter read a three-page document that supposedly detailed God's plan for Judy to lead the church, which Hunter refused to do. The audience spontaneously sang "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet", during which students from the audience and then security personnel overtook Judy. After Judy was taken away, Hunter delivered his prepared remarks, a talk entitled "An Anchor to the Souls of Men".
  4. Doing it for the report and doing it on time to report it back... sometimes just feels like it's about "looking good" and achieving "100% home teaching". Statistics over numbers/message. Plus, sometimes the message isn't always tailored to whomever is being taught. Anyway, every person's experience can be different, and I've seen it done on a true connection level with families, and those who are just going through the motions. They might've been new or nervous, but you can't go wrong by simply caring, asking questions, sharing stories & testimony, and listening. And I have more going on in my life than to entertain home teachers so they can check off a box. I don't entertain missionaries so they can "practice" either. Yes, that's how I can feel about it.
  5. It'll still be a form of "planned and assigned friendship" in one form or another.
  6. Okay, it's "Ministering" - which is the better way to view. Rather than "let's get in by the 31st, teach a First Presidency Message (which won't be monthly anymore anyway), and just 'go through the motions'." It's just checking in and seeing what can be done to serve other people's needs - on an as needed/wanted basis.
  7. One LESS area of Pharisaical law in the Church! I am SO in favor of this!
  8. My EQ President just moved out last week. Serendipitous timing!
  9. I will also add that because Lust is insatiable, a 90-day period of time with this focus... may not work. I simply present it as one way to do something within your own power.
  10. I perused some of this thread, so let me give some additional perspective: I believe the biggest threat to marriages of pornography are two-fold: 1 - the USER will grow their lusts to where they cannot be satisfied and seek adultery and other sins. (This has already happened according to the OP.) 2 - It turns spouses into mothers, instead of wives. Spouses feel like they have to 'parent' their husbands and treat them like boys, rather than men. If you 'placate' your spouse, it will be felt and it will cause him to dive DEEPER into pornography. Pornography is a drug. I believe that it is used to help change & alter people's states because there is an aspect of their life that doesn't "measure up". Now, let's think about LDS culture: We don't allow coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, or any other drugs. Pornography is easily accessible on any device with a screen & internet connection. Using pornography may FEEL like it's a way to "take control" over how one feels compared to how they may otherwise feel. The problem may also be that, once they fix that part of their lives, that the habit will continue. Treat him and respect him as a man, not a boy. Watch this video. Do you think he might use pornography when he feels so disconnected with his wife? (The video doesn't say, but it isn't a far off conjecture.) He was challenged to do something different in the way he treated HER for 90 days, THEN to determine the next step.
  11. Okay, I skimmed through this thread, but I don't think anyone really noticed your age and history here. You married at 18 and pregnant the next month. I'm assuming that you've never lived on your own? If anything, THAT was what you missed out on. Not being "rebellious", but in living on your own. You went from your parents straight to married life. I have no solution, just identifying a phase that many other people go through that you seem to have missed.
  12. First, I agree that BSA cares about money. However, it's also about protecting that money against lawsuits. When "The Left" decides to take down a traditional organization, they'll find ways to do it through "discrimination" laws and practices. Personally, while this move was decided by BSA, I see it as only a hair or two away from Government "managing" religious groups that claim 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. The Left destroyed one group, and now I'm sure they have other religious groups set in their sights now. The only good news I can see, is now girls can compete against boys for Pinewood Derby races! I had a girl who made a car at this year's race, and didn't let her race against the scouts, because she's not a scout. At least, I'm sure, Pinewood Derby races can accommodate even non-registered girls and just make it fun. (The parents - who were also scout leaders - understood, but I hate feeling like a jerk.)
  13. Do you have health insurance with his job? Are you covered on that insurance? Marriage is a qualifying life event to change benefit programs. Whether or not you are ready to have children... I wouldn't until you had insurance to help should there be any complications. Your life is in a state of flux right now between college, work, and being newly married. Adding one more variable - particularly before YOU have secured employment - would make it more difficult. I don't care what the LAW says - it will be more difficult to get work if you are visibly pregnant. You don't need to be 'rich' to have children, but you should have your needs being met with a little extra - cause you're gonna need it. Here's a good book that I'd recommend reading for ALL newly married couples - and it's cheap to get from Amazon. Just realize that there may be more rough patches than you may be anticipating. This story is great at outlining different things and what you can do about them. It'll help reset any financial expectations you may have about married life.
  14. He knows that he can be unreasonable at times, and usually will apologize for it about twice a year in testimony meeting. Doesn't make it right, but he knows his own failings.
  15. I've had questionable relations with Bishops in the past. I've been yelled at by a member of my Stake Presidency - and had my membership status questioned (he and the entire Stake Presidency has since been released a couple of years ago - and my then Bishop was called to be the Stake President). I'm not always a "by-the-book" member of the Church. I haven't had any problems with leadership for a while, but that doesn't make the feeling automatically go away. I'm not saying my perspective is right. I'm saying that it's how *I* feel. Sometimes I just don't like "authority" "over me". It may not make logical sense, but to me "no news is good news" from my church leaders - unless I initiate the appointment. (Maybe I just like having certainty in my life, and being called into the Bishop's office for an UNKNOWN reason is just another variable that I cannot control and it makes me nervous until it's over and done with.)