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  1. OK..I didn't know that Michael Otterson is on the web now! :)
  2. You know Moksha, it would serve the church best interest of those brethren (Seventies), who health is failing, for the church to create a site like this but have them blog and be part to help the many Saints who want help but afraid to approach their local ward Bishops. I have did some pressing in the background to get the church to look into this issue over year now and seems like always, the church grinds slowly but efficiently. Seeing Elder Cook on the web and allowing people to respond to his posting is a wonderful beginning. Now, is there going to be 144,000 high priest future missionaries? I await your answer with a blog!
  3. Is that for real? I never know which side of the bed you got up from...
  4. Sorry...any one care for Chinese?
  5. What? You do not like the hotel LDS.NET? Welcome to the forum.
  6. Vanhin, this is my answer in my last post.
  7. If I am wrong I would gladly apologized. Separate the Saints who are humbled enough to admit wrong here. But, not at this point. Pam, this goes back not to post 34 as the same few would seek to cover ones track but old "collision postings between him and me of the past." That is an issue and especially from a moderator. Moderators need to back out of the forum discussion and do their job - moderate or to keep the thread on course per say. Maybe, a lesson in "discernment of the Spirit" should be required as a moderator? But again, that would require one to be a true devote follower of Christ to the 'T''. UrbanFool. I will apologize to you since this is your thread. But as I previously stated "The Key for the last days for protection", two elements to know those who "fruit of their labor" is not of Christ, is really discernment by Spirit. The two elements needed for those today, is 1]come unto Christ and be "sanctify" by Him. Hopefully, your OQ is answered. Moving on...
  8. And you are a MODERATOR... [Flagged the post]
  9. Hey, I love the second statement - MAJORITY - thanks. I will need to keep it and use it.
  10. Spamlds, did I mentioned anything about linear time? The answer would be - NO! We simply do not have the capacity to grasp at this moment what would be celestial time. Just have to wait until we are there. Even if you could go back to the "seventh heaven" (celestial kingdom) described by the founding prophet, you will still be lost in seeking words and science in describing what was seen, heard, and how it was done to travel such distances. To add to my earlier posting, President Young statement regarding those who inhabitant this celestialized earth with seeing the past: This earth, when it becomes purified and sanctified, or celestialized, will become like a sea of glass; and a person, by looking into it, can know things past, present, and to come; though none but celestialized beings can enjoy this privilege. They will look into the earth, and the things they desire to know will be exhibited to them, the same as the face is seen by looking into a mirror. (JD, May 7, 1861, 9:87.)