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  1. OK..I didn't know that Michael Otterson is on the web now! :)
  2. You know Moksha, it would serve the church best interest of those brethren (Seventies), who health is failing, for the church to create a site like this but have them blog and be part to help the many Saints who want help but afraid to approach their local ward Bishops. I have did some pressing in the background to get the church to look into this issue over year now and seems like always, the church grinds slowly but efficiently. Seeing Elder Cook on the web and allowing people to respond to his posting is a wonderful beginning. Now, is there going to be 144,000 high priest future missionaries? I await your answer with a blog!
  3. Is that for real? I never know which side of the bed you got up from...
  4. Sorry...any one care for Chinese?
  5. What? You do not like the hotel LDS.NET? Welcome to the forum.
  6. Vanhin, this is my answer in my last post.
  7. If I am wrong I would gladly apologized. Separate the Saints who are humbled enough to admit wrong here. But, not at this point. Pam, this goes back not to post 34 as the same few would seek to cover ones track but old "collision postings between him and me of the past." That is an issue and especially from a moderator. Moderators need to back out of the forum discussion and do their job - moderate or to keep the thread on course per say. Maybe, a lesson in "discernment of the Spirit" should be required as a moderator? But again, that would require one to be a true devote follower of Christ to the 'T''. UrbanFool. I will apologize to you since this is your thread. But as I previously stated "The Key for the last days for protection", two elements to know those who "fruit of their labor" is not of Christ, is really discernment by Spirit. The two elements needed for those today, is 1]come unto Christ and be "sanctify" by Him. Hopefully, your OQ is answered. Moving on...
  8. And you are a MODERATOR... [Flagged the post]
  9. Hey, I love the second statement - MAJORITY - thanks. I will need to keep it and use it.
  10. Spamlds, did I mentioned anything about linear time? The answer would be - NO! We simply do not have the capacity to grasp at this moment what would be celestial time. Just have to wait until we are there. Even if you could go back to the "seventh heaven" (celestial kingdom) described by the founding prophet, you will still be lost in seeking words and science in describing what was seen, heard, and how it was done to travel such distances. To add to my earlier posting, President Young statement regarding those who inhabitant this celestialized earth with seeing the past: This earth, when it becomes purified and sanctified, or celestialized, will become like a sea of glass; and a person, by looking into it, can know things past, present, and to come; though none but celestialized beings can enjoy this privilege. They will look into the earth, and the things they desire to know will be exhibited to them, the same as the face is seen by looking into a mirror. (JD, May 7, 1861, 9:87.)
  11. UrbanFool, I was reading one of Brian Yorgason’s articles (just now) that relates President Brigham Young dream, when he was very ill at Winter Quarters, after pleading to be reunited with the Prophet and being told that the time was not right, President Young asked if Joseph at least had a word of counsel for the Saints. "Joseph stepped toward me and looking very earnestly, yet pleasantly, said, 'Tell the people to be humble and faithful, and be sure to keep the spirit of the Lord and it will lead them right. Be careful and do not turn away the still small voice; it will teach them what to do and where to go; it will yield the fruits of the kingdom. Tell the brethren to keep their hearts open to conviction, so that when the Holy Ghost comes to them, their hearts will be ready to receive it. They can tell the Spirit of the Lord from all other spirits; it will whisper peace and joy to their souls; it will take malice, strife, and all evil from their hearts, and their whole desire will be to do good, bring forth righteousness and build up the Kingdom of God. Tell the brethren if they will follow the Spirit of the Lord they will go right. Be sure and tell the people to keep the Spirit of the Lord, and if they will, they will find themselves just as they were organized by our Father in Heaven, before they came into the world. Our Father in Heaven organized the human family, but they are all disorganized and in great confusion.' "Joseph then showed me the pattern, how they were in the beginning. This I cannot describe, but I saw it, and saw where the priesthood had been taken from the earth (and then restored) and how it must be joined together, so that there would be a perfect chain, from Father Adam to his latest posterity. Joseph again said, 'Tell the people to be sure and keep the Spirit of the Lord and follow it, and it will lead them just right'" (In Preston Nibley, Exodus to Greatness [salt Lake City: Deseret News Press, 1947], p. 329). Did you notice any pattern within President Young’s dream that was significant by Joseph for the Saints? Spirit of Lord was mentioned six times or another words, “Come unto me (Jesus Christ).” Before Moroni closes the last remaining plate in the Book of Mormon, he explains: "I would exhort you that ye would come unto Christ, and lay hold upon every good gift, and touch not the evil gift, nor the unclean thing. . . . "Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God. "And again, if ye by the grace of God are perfect in Christ, and deny not his power, then are ye sanctified in Christ by the grace of God, through the shedding of the blood of Christ, which is in the covenant of the Father unto the remission of your sins, that ye become holy, without spot" (Moroni 10:30, 32-33). Now listen to what the Savior stated: "He that believeth these things which I have spoken, him will I visit with the manifestations of my Spirit, and he shall know and bear record. For because of my Spirit he shall know that these things are true. . . . "Come unto me, O ye Gentiles, and I will show unto you the greater things, the knowledge which is hid up because of unbelief. Come unto me, O ye house of Israel, and it shall be made manifest unto you how great things the Father hath laid up for you, from the foundation of the world; and it hath not come unto you, because of unbelief. Behold, when ye shall rend that veil of unbelief which doth cause you to remain in your awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind, then shall the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world from you—yea, when ye shall call upon the Father in my name, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then shall ye know that the Father hath remembered the covenant which he made unto your fathers, O house of Israel" (Ether 4:11, 13-15). What brought the earlier church were the internal false Christ’s or spirits within. We may not know those within today who have that evil desire to led astray the masses, but, the scriptures told us to “Come unto Christ” and be “sanctify” before Him. If we are, it won’t matter who it is/they are, we will follow the Savior and the prophet of that day, in order to survive what is coming.
  12. Sidelining here: Apostle Orson Pratt was quite adamant about what shall happen after the cleansing of Missouri prior for those who are left in the church will return to Jackson County: Well then, to return to the prophesying, when the time shall come that the Lord shall waste away this nation, he will give commandment to this people to return and possess their own inheritance which they purchased some forty-four years ago in the state of Missouri. (Orson Pratt, Deseret Evening News, Vol. 8, No. 265, October 2, 1875, p. I.) Now, there are a great many cities in the United States that will not be totally destroyed when the inhabitants are swept off the surface of the earth. Their houses, their desolate cities will still remain unoccupied until Zion in her glory and strength shall enlarge the place of her tents, and stretch forth the curtains of her habitations. That is the destiny of this nation, and the destiny of the Latter-day Saints. (Orson Pratt, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 24, pp. 31-32, October 26, 1879) Although the saints may not have to fight to reclaim the center place of Zion, this does not imply that they will necessarily return in peace. If anarchy and mobs are still sweeping the nation when the Church returns there will certainly be problems in moving a group of people as large as the prophecies indicate without some conflict. In a most interesting sermon by Joseph F. Smith, this is substantiated. His statement is also significant for it is one of the few prophecies that talks about the transportation on the way back to the East. . . . When God leads the people hack to Jackson County, how will he do it? Let me picture to you how some of us may be gathered and led to Jackson County. I think I see two or three hundred thousand people wending their way across the great plain, enduring the nameless hardships of the journey, herding and guarding their cattle by day and by night, and defending themselves and little ones from foes on the right hand and on the left, as when they came here. They will find the journey back to Jackson County will be real as when they came out here. Now, mark it. And though you may be led by the power of God "with a stretched-out arm," it will not be more manifest than the leading the people out here to those that participate in it. They will think there are a great many hardships to endure in this manifestation of the power of God, and it will be left, perhaps to their children to see the glory of their deliverance, just as it is left for us to see the glory of our former deliverance, from the hands of those that sought to destroy us. This is one way to look at it. It is certainly a practical view. Some might ask, what will become of the railroads? I fear that the sifting process would be insufficient were we to travel by railroads. We are apt to overlook the manifestations of the power of God to us because we are participators in them, and regard them as commonplace events. But when it is written in history-as it will be written it will be shown forth to future generations as one of the most marvelous, unexampled and unprecedented accomplishments that has ever been known to history. (Joseph F. Smith, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 24, pp. 156-157, December 3, 1882.)
  13. (Left Behind) Never read the material. It is always intersting to see some past recorded talks. Sifting through my 2010 journal, I was looking for the quote concerning the state of the Saints (where they will be on even keel with evil non-members) in Utah prior to the Lord's return from President Youung, when I stumbled on this:
  14. كنيسة يسوع المسيح لقديسي الأيام الأخيرة כנסיית ישוע המשיח של קדושי אחרית הימים
  15. GOD has to have "100-percent" knowledge of HIS state - meaning HIS realm within the Celestial Kingdom. This is the very distinct difference of HIM and that below HIM is Knowledge (not laboring with allowable offspring and greater weight of glory). Even within Celestial glory, I believe this will be the same among those three known states. I posted something interesting when someone in past thread was trying to state that GOD was outside of time. I did state, GOD has time but not to our level of understanding but more on the order of Celestial time. Neither do I believe GOD celestial dormancy will be HIS end state. The neatest part of those who shall inherit the highest state in the Celestial Kingdom, they may look upon the past (i.e. the Garden of Eden) and not only view it but also, feel the emotions and the experience of both Adams.
  16. EXCERPT: The huge Ottoman Empire defined the Middle East for centuries. By 1815, only a few years before Joseph Smith's First Vision, the empire was considered the "sick man of Europe." "It was just going to self-collapse and destroy," Ludlow said. "And so some of these European powers like Italy, Austria, Germany, France, England and Russia were kind of like vultures just waiting for this big water buffalo to die. … If you just waited you wanted to get your piece of the carcass." LINK:Education Week: Mormons and the Middle East | Mormon Times
  17. LINK: Meridian Magazine - Church Puts 200 Million More Records on FamilySearch - Meridian Magazine
  18. Smartbooks are coming but I do agree with both Ram and Gabelpa in purchasng a small netbook.