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  1. Sherrie Mills Johnson, who teaches in the department of ancient scripture at BYU, spoke on Aug. 16 at BYU's 88th annual Campus Education Week. She spoke on miracles and the symbolism of Jesus turning water into wine. Photo by Michael De Groote EXCERPT: "The people that were observing (Jesus') miracles … were trained in symbolism," Johnson said. "Symbolism has dropped out of American culture pretty much. There are still a lot of symbols that we use, but for the most part it isn't part of our daily life." The word translated as "miracle" in John gives clues to the symbolic purpose of the story. Johnson said that the original Greek word used to describe Jesus' miracles is semeion. Semeion means "sign or indication." Johnson said this demonstrates that the important thing about miracles is their symbolic teachings. "There are messages in these miracles." Some messages can also become obscured if we don't understand the culture. In John's story of this miracle, after Mary tells her son there is no wine, Jesus responds: "Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come" (John 2:4). "I tell my students at the university not to speak to their mothers like this … it would be very rude," Johnson said. "But in the culture of the time, what Jesus is saying there is 'Woman' meaning 'Of all the women in the world, you are THE woman to me.' … In the culture Jesus is coming from, this is an incredible show of reverence." LINK: Education Week: Why Jesus turned water into wine | Mormon Times
  2. I do share your sense of questioning. I was a former Catholic and never understood why people would pray to her or not GOD directly. Even after the parish priest would explain the church’s views, it still left a hole of doubt why can’t we pray directly. Years ago, Apostle Bruce R. McConkie was asked the same question concerning Mary’s being an intercessor: Question: (partially posted) “Can we speak too highly of her whom the Lord has blessed above all women?” Answer: “There was only one Christ, and there is only one Mary. Each was noble and great in preexistence, and each was foreordained to the ministry he or she performed. We cannot but think that the Father would choose the greatest female spirit to be the mother of his Son, even as he chose the male spirit like unto him to be the Savior. This is not to say that we should give any heed or credence to the false doctrines that say that Mary has been assumed bodily into heaven; that she is an intercessor who hears prayers and pleads with her Son on behalf of those who pray to her; or that she should be esteemed as co-redemptrix with the Redeemer—all of which are part of a great system of worship that did not originate in the courts on high. As our spirits recoil from these perversions of true religion, we should nonetheless maintain a balanced view and hold up Mary with that proper high esteem which is hers.” Even Mary’s cousin, Elisabeth, was moved upon by the Holy Ghost (see Luke 1:46-52) and pays homage to Mary as the mother of the Son of God. However, this homage was well deserved and continues to this day as part of a perfect testimony of the goodness and grace of Mary who was foreordained to bear GOD's Son in mortality. Is she a model of piety for all LDS women to follow? The answer would be “YES”…but, need to allow uniqueness to each LDS sister in the kingdom, adding their own personality flair.
  3. I have a friend who wife's I greatly admire than most women in the church, who lives down the street from my Cali residence. She one day stopped by on her daily ritual walks and spoke to my wife. The conversation started out in asking first about when we are planning to move then lead into about specific people (women) in our ward. Though, private between both of them, she stopped by the next day and apologized to my wife and I for talking about it (gossiping). I think she knew even if she was right, perhaps by the promptings of the Spirit, it was not right. I told her; do not worry about it… People like this, I truly admire who are attuned to the Spirit and yet, humbled enough to be corrected by others, make necessary changes, and admit there wrong. These are they who are bound for the highest kingdom of the Lord... :) If the conversation is uplifting and positive for those individuals being spoken about it, is it really gossip? That is the fine balance. Have you noticed the conversions between the Lord and those who were His enemies, His close friends, or His family? Was there any gossip being mentioned at anytime in any record? Even when He prayed for them in when He showed Himself to the Nephites, what were His comments? This is the point I’m making Milluw….
  4. Ok, I tried it and I still don't see how it was done unless the cubed was preset to specific colors being orientate first.
  5. The land developer is actually replacing two of the local Mosques in the vinicity due to size is not big enough to contain the amount of people for the daily rictuals. But, owning land and doing what is right (sensativity), is not always go together. If I was a Muslim and lived in the area, I would asked to not build it.
  6. Amazing talent there is in this world...but it would be a blessing for those who live in that area. So much crime in such a wonderful city.
  7. LINK: LDS agrees to lower temple height, raise spire | NewsOK.com Reference: Phoenix Arizona LDS (Mormon) Temple
  8. EXCERPT: “It will be a done deal probably on Thursday after the Quorum of the Twelve (Apostles) meets on Thursday,” the source said. “That’s the only thing holding it back right now.” LINK: Source says BYU football independence will be a done deal | Deseret News
  9. It has nothing to do with American mistake or see what had happen in the past, this is personal. Right now, it is more of a internal appeasement we are seeing.
  10. Remember, with China and they know it, they "cannot' dump the dollar. The dollar right now controls their economy and we can shutdown that pipeline and they would suffer for it more than us. You are now looking at a new Chinese people and not the old guard childish bantings by clinging to power by force agency. This is why they had to back off in selling off anything in seeing amount of goods we import and purchase from this region. New York 911 area is more like a holy shrine location now with many New Yorkers. You can put it in the same class as the USS Arizona. This is why, it should be left in the hands of those who live there to determine what should be built around the twin-towers location. If I was the Mayor, I would just ask the people to get a concensus what the people would feel is appropriate.
  11. There is a NATO type alignment that Iran belongs too (with Russia, India, China, and a few smaller countries).
  12. If there is, then it won't be a secret right?
  13. Then, add my name to the list... I wonder we should allow the Nazi to build a shrine next to the Jewish Holocast memorial. Or perhaps, or allow the Japanese come to Pearl Harbor to put up a memorial for their dead who died on 7th of December? :)
  14. This is pretty much old school as to use it as a weapon. But, the priesthood authority and powers in the right hands can caused more damage than this by altering the weather.
  15. We already have this type of capability with mil-satellites...having an airborne platform is nothing more than a last measure of defense.
  16. Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Photo by Kristin Murphy, Deseret News EXCERPT: A Mormon apostle recently used a unique avenue to share a gospel message. Elder Quentin L. Cook, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and Michael Otterson, managing director of the church public affairs department, both contributed a blog post to Patheos.com last week. Editors from the website, which is dedicated to religious and spiritual dialogue, asked The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to provide a written perspective on the future of Mormonism. Both responses are available at: Future of Mormonism. Elder Cook's blog, titled "Partnering with Our Friends of Other Faiths," may likely be the first publicly posted blog by an LDS apostle. "We can't confirm whether this is the first time an apostle has communicated through a website. We just don't know," said Scott Trotter, a spokesman for the church. "As is well known, Elder (M. Russell) Ballard encouraged members to blog and engage in Internet conversations in a speech in Hawaii in December 2007." Elder Cook's blog (http://www.patheos.com/Resources/Additional-Resources/Partnering-with-Our-Friends-from-Other-Faiths.html) reported that as the church moves forward, it would work with other like-minded faiths to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ in reaching out to fellow citizens. LINK: Apostle's blog may be a first | Mormon Times
  17. The problem with the last, they simply don't have a living prophet to guide them to exact location to build. Something that has bothered me and I do always bring this up in private conversation when avail with these brothers.
  18. Now, I do love their prayers. Listening to many while I was in Saudi.
  19. The problem here, they didn't own the land and it was a granted by the State of New York before others were granted to rebuild. This itself is a problem. Let the people of the city make their own choices and not others outside of this realm. At this time, the people do not want it. Simple put, move it...give it back to the Greek Orthodox church who was there first. I do agree with Reid on this point... :)
  20. Exactly...well stated. To repeat what the Lord stated, “…what is bound on earth is also bound in the Heaven…(Meaning – the Celestial Kingdom)” by appropriate authority of GOD. We need to look beyond this earth in order to set our mortal goals to match what is already known. There are no marriages vows or binding contracts below any state or glory beyond the highest order of the Celestial Kingdom. Nor will there be any allowance made for any marriage below the highest state of the Celestial Kingdom. Any man made contract will be made 'void' upon death. Anyone agreeing to live in any glorious state, will have to apply themselves to that state and its given laws. (See D&C 76 & 88) If not, they will not be allowed to enter therein. Neither will GOD or the Savior agree with any same gender marriages’ nor other soon-to-be spinoffs reform type of marriages in this mortal life since it violates the principle of marriage, which is an eternal principle and not man made. Unless it is perform in the same method that was given in the Garden between Adam and Eve, anything outside of this ritual after death will be made void. We can arguer all we want but remembering who worlds and church this belongs too, it is up to the Savior to make necessary changes to this principle. Noting, this principle is base on an eternal principle, the Lord is bound already to follow the Celestial Laws through covenants He had made before the FATHER. I don’t ever expect the Savior to change it now or ever; even allowing it in the church. What He does allow, is civil marriages between man and woman that is about it. What we can do, is to correct this notion and find an answer to the cause and move forward in doing the right. If not, we choose our path and place ourselves outside of being an eternal family. See link for further explanation in OTHER NOTES what GOD allows with institutional laws of the land: http://www.lds.net/forums/scripture-study-forum/34065-august-17-1835-d-c-134-received.html
  21. It was a bad idea in the first place. Noting both sides of the story from various accounts, it would better serve the community if they simply allow those organizations (buildings) who were affected by 911 to have first allotment in rebuilding. As to placing a Mosque near this location - it should be "NO."
  22. To simplify this, any ordinance that will be required to save an individual into the Celestial Kingdom. This is why they are called saving ordinance.
  23. Let us not place our home address on the public forum...