Book of Covenants and Commandments


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That was the name of the original portion of the D&C that we have now. The Doctrine portion was the Lectures on Faith, and the Covenants and Commandments section were our sections 1-103.

In the late 1800s, the Lectures on Faith were removed, as some of the teachings in it were later made incorrect by later revelations. For example, in the LoF, the Holy Ghost is basically one of the powers or gifts of God, but D&C 130 teaches us that the HG is a member of the Godhead, a literal being.

See more here: Wapedia - Wiki: Doctrine and Covenants

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We have a copy of a book with Lectures on Faith in the front Covenants and Commandments up to the declaration in 1890 ,presented to my mothers family in 1917.

We don't know it's value but would like to sell it. If anyone is interested please contact us. We also have about 30 or so photographs of missionaries from 1922 to about the mid fifties with their signatures and home town on the back.Southern states mission.If anyone recognizes their names as their ancestor and would like to have the picture let us know. These are free to the respective families. Sammy Jordan

If you know of anyone interested in this book or the pictures, please let others know.

here is a link to the pictures:

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Has anyone ever heard of, or have any information relating to "The Book of Covenants and Commandments"? I know that it was published around the same time as the "Book of Commandments", prelude to D&C. I would really like to know as much as possible about this book, and so far have been unable to learn much about it.

Assurely I know that this day prayer from revelations that 'Our Heavenly Father God', speaks! Someone that has meant me in my heart forfills the D&C. I ask by the power of his Word, that has touch my heart, mind, body, and aoul, and strength ask this sharing be explainable with the "Holy Ghost". Let us read and reap together for the wholeness to work for our King Jesus, be within the heart of the saints will help the Spirit, speak! The scriptures at 4:59a.m. was recieved by revelation, and I would like to say together we seek the commandments of God, as unity perserved for the continue service.

D&C Chapter 23.

D&C Chapter 33.

D&C Chapter 53.

I seek the kingdom first, and all things shall be added according to his riches and glory! My soul will love the true church in service all the days of my life to uplifts "The Latter Day Saints", of God people to repent and be baptized from all there sins! As he says those whom has repented and except yea recieve the laying hands of the "Holy Ghost".

p.s. although a strong sister in "Faith", for God, love comfort has given me a quiet spirit this morning to endure. I love to here answers with being filled together lifting one to another. In Jesus Name. Amen!

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Hello Everyone! As I return back into the discussion about the D&C it has been such moving with power of the word read with deep ponder. I would like to share revelation with the rightgeous of heart to a family of "The Latter Day Saints", together in Chapter 9, Capter10, and Chapter 11. This has really been a move of the "Holy Ghost", in what Revelaion given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to Oliver Cowdery, at Harmony, Pennsylvania, April 1829. HC 1: 36-37. Which in the course of the translation of the Book of Mormon, Oliver, who continued to serve as scribe, writing as the Prophet's dictation, desired to be endowed with the gift of translation. The Lord responded to his supplication by granting this revelation. I just wanted to forfill these word deep for repentance of heart, mind, and my soul that is, in gift to servr "Our Heavenly Father", whom has all the answers for the saints that study themselves approval for the mission in ministry for his Word. I love everyone as I continue to fast and pray!

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