What is a "non-qualifying stake"?

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I'm preparing copies of an "Executive Summary and Training Plan" document for distribution at an upcoming Area Presidency Leadership Broadcast. In reading through it, one of the goal areas is under "Strengthening Stakes" and refers to reducing the number of "non-qualifying stakes".

There's no other reference to this term throughout the document. Google search didn't give me anything. Can anyone advise as to what a non-qualifying stake is?

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Answer found; my Stake President provided this response over email:

Non-qualifying stakes are those which do not meet the requirements to create a stake if the stake was being created now. It may be that they do not have enough wards (some stakes have merged wards as ward numbers have decreased, resulting in fewer wards in the stake), or they may have insufficent numbers of tithe-paying Melchizedek priesthood holders. The Area goal is to bring these stakes to a stage where they meet the qualification requirements for new stakes.

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