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Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

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2 hours ago, JonnieZ said:

I love Rough Stone Rolling. It made me appreciate Joseph Smith even more. We get to see Joseph the Prophet, husband, egalitarian, father, leader, host (Nauvoo), forgiver - to a fault, and heroic figure. We read about flaws, which give all of us insight that though he was a prophet, he was human.

I was sitting in class one day reading it while my students were working. A coworker saw it and came unglued. "You can't read that! If the bishop finds out he'll be mad!" It was an adult. Knowing he would tattle I happened upon the bishop, by accident in the grocery store. "Hi bishop, I am reading Rough Stone Rolling." He replied, " OK, I know you of all people can handle it."

That took care of that.

My bishop congratulated me for reading it

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