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Genesis 1 re-read

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Now, we'll have the baseball re-reading of the Book of Genesis.  Compare Genesis 1: 1-8

  1. In the Big Inning, the MLB created the ABL and the NBL. 
  2. They had difficulty bringing people in for night games.  But the California Angels found it was easier after daylight savings was instituted in sunny So Cal.
  3. Then Edison created the durable incandescent light bulb. 
  4. And the MLB rejoiced a using that light for night games.  And the leagues did rejoice.
  5. And they scheduled both day and night games.
  6. And the Houston Astros built an enclosing firmament protecting them from the effects of weather.
  7. And the Astros created a plexiglass roof to separate the rain above from the sweat beneath.
  8. And the Astros did call their plexiglass fortress the Astrodome.

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