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Fruit Trees

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So, I've been trying to grow fruit trees for about 20 years.  But since my family has lived in about 12 different homes in those 20 years, you can imagine how that's gone.

Well, this year we have a BIG haul from our grapefruit tree.  I thought I should share.  We harvested a bunch of grapefruit prior to leaving on Christmas vacation.

Just today I realized there were still many more left on the tree.  So, the following picture represents about 25% of what was on the tree.


The next picture is a picture of two grapefruits.  The larger is about the size of an average orange.  The smaller is smaller than a key lime.  Salt shaker and table knife are shown for scale.


I thought the small one was so cute I just had to taste it and see if it was immature or what?IMG_20190111_171600841.thumb.jpg.475c393731598bf121dfff1a13403b15.jpg

It tasted just like the larger grapefruits.  It was fully ripe.  It had all the same flavor, juice, and texture of a standard grapefruit.

But it was (imagine a baby talk voice) such a cute wittle gwapefwuit!

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