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The Plan

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The Plan

At last, it was time to be born
To willingly pass through unknown
I was there, with you, that first morn
Vowed never to leave you alone

We parted and you left in trust
Of the plan we all had agreed
Formed of spirit, water, and dust
With a pledge, my voice you would heed

Others were forced down to earth
Not willing to listen to love
A third who would never be birthed
In Heaven rebelling above

Shadowed by a charming deceit
A son of the morning who fell
Embracing a massive conceit
To drag all to a mis’rable hell

Then into this world you will live
But absent your previous fief
To make your own choices, I give
To face opposition with grief

I promised to help you along
Be with you through all of your trials
Ceaselessly forgiving your wrongs
Embracing all heaven’s exiles

Eventually I will come down
And free all the prisoner’s caught
Lifted up, I will certainly crown
All children my voice who have sought

So brief was my visit on earth
I came down to satisfy laws
To show you all traits of high worth
And enlist you in heavn’ly cause

I give you a higher path option
If you will conceive to believe
And treat each other with caution
All children of Adam and Eve

One day, when life will have ended
Return and report of your deeds
Judgement will then be extended
Based on the fruit of your seeds

I will embrace all the willing
Who chose to do good the long day
To life everlasting fulfilling
The promise to those who obey

Aeglyn May 2020

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