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    Tin Man

    Tin Man What have I to offer thee? I have nothing more than me No riches nor am I well known A quiet mien is all I own A gentle heart is what I bare In solitude it’s all I wear Peaceable in all my days Parsing life’s fickle ways And what have I to do with thee? Whose very nature captures me? Snared by sweet and smiling glances Whose fair and comely eye entrances Would that I could be more brave Like some impudent knave And win anon the moment’s pause Despite all my lacking flaws To speak with undaunted pitch And break this lasting tongue-tied stitch To dream of daring chosen words And risk expressing hopeful chords But, tell this idle time goodbye Dreaming of a life gone by And of a chance I once let slide Rusting from the rain inside. Aeglyn Sep’2017
  2. aeglyn

    Christ of Light

    A starry light drapes Him at night A perfect babe so blessed with life Came to earth to make all right To save a dying world from strife Born in humble poverty Raised in spirit strong and true Full of grace and authority And from His Father, knowledge grew Finally, His mission came To pave the road in flawless stride His Father’s will He would proclaim To meekly teach and be our guide The path He walked, the way of light Just like that shining star at birth Was meant to lift our hearts and sight As His atonement proved His worth So now it is up to us To follow where He placed His feet Fulfilling ev’ry need and thus We’ll find Him at the mercy seat Who once came down, an infant boy Whom angels of creation know Shining there in perfect joy The Christ of Light in swaddling clothes Aeglyn Dec 2020
  3. aeglyn

    The Fall of Love

    I sit enthralled as sunset dies The rosy reds of auburn skies The light washed out in rainbow hues Drapes me in twilight’s dusty muse I think of her most oft of late Of simple ways and subtle traits A knowing touch, and eyes so calm Her caring heart a healing balm I ponder all in heaven’s name How is my life to be the same? As nighttime draws I’ve lost that glow Now left in dark as feelings go A tear wells up in sullen thought How we began, now come to naught In this life only are we done? Can we in glory still be one? I think upon that very dream While in the moonlight’s shining beam As stars come out, the skies are bright A hope within me starts tonight. Aeglyn August 2020
  4. aeglyn

    The Plan

    The Plan At last, it was time to be born To willingly pass through unknown I was there, with you, that first morn Vowed never to leave you alone We parted and you left in trust Of the plan we all had agreed Formed of spirit, water, and dust With a pledge, my voice you would heed Others were forced down to earth Not willing to listen to love A third who would never be birthed In Heaven rebelling above Shadowed by a charming deceit A son of the morning who fell Embracing a massive conceit To drag all to a mis’rable hell Then into this world you will live But absent your previous fief To make your own choices, I give To face opposition with grief I promised to help you along Be with you through all of your trials Ceaselessly forgiving your wrongs Embracing all heaven’s exiles Eventually I will come down And free all the prisoner’s caught Lifted up, I will certainly crown All children my voice who have sought So brief was my visit on earth I came down to satisfy laws To show you all traits of high worth And enlist you in heavn’ly cause I give you a higher path option If you will conceive to believe And treat each other with caution All children of Adam and Eve One day, when life will have ended Return and report of your deeds Judgement will then be extended Based on the fruit of your seeds I will embrace all the willing Who chose to do good the long day To life everlasting fulfilling The promise to those who obey Aeglyn May 2020
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    Broken Hearts

    His heartfelt blessings full of love A promised hope of calm and peace To all honest seekers thereof In prayers and tears that never cease I say, my brothers, sisters all Who, in goodness, still hold trust But question why they still feel small And deem are lower than the dust This meekness draws the eyes of God Who loves you more than you will know It’s humility He applauds Your willingness to let it show He answers every tear that falls With care towards your broken fate He guides you up above the walls And lifts you to a higher state Always there, He anxiously awaits A Parent watching you in stride For any chance to show His traits And lead you Home where He abides Oh then look up and never doubt About the love He has for you Pre-destined for a greater route In your heart of hearts, believe it’s true. Aeglyn Nov 2019
  6. aeglyn

    Celestial son

    Oh whither did you go, my son? With eyes so bright and blue A happy spirit sent to us That bound our hearts to you. Oh fierce, the pain and emptiness That misses hugs and smiles You freely gave us love so pure It hurt to see your trials. It grieves my heart unto this day I think of you so oft I know you're placed in Father's care In Heaven's, wondrous loft. So cry, do I, these endless tears Of saddened, painful loss, But one day we shall meet again Our paths are sure to cross. And on that day, beloved son, Exquisite joy will swell And fill our hearts with loving bliss In clouds where loved ones dwell. Be my little boy again, Laugh those joyful sounds Walk hand in hand with me, my son Where happy knows no bounds. -Aeglyn 2012
  7. aeglyn

    Eyes of Light

    How heavy My heart is Missing you These long, cold Lonesome days Sunsets flow Endlessly Into one Bittersweet Elegy Cursed with love Lingering, Patiently Suffering Memories My lamp primed The wick dressed Hope reflects Eyes of light In darkness Aeglyn Mar’2019
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    So blessed am I No idea why But grateful in my prayers My heart is full And feels the pull Of someone list’ning there On bended knee I pray to see Who tends my every care? And while I sought The spirit wrought A sweet and loving air That by this glow He let me know Of me, He is aware He loves purely Very surely This child so full of tares Aeglyn Dec 2018
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    Eve What sweet sentiments Slithers hence? Beguiling the Eve Of mankind’s birth The apple’s eye Partakes of wisdom’s ire And death stalks The garden lost So dust to dust A life forfeit For knowledge gained And naivety maimed Redeemed in time By meridian’s mandate To slay the innocent Virtue of love and grace Peace, be unto you My brothers all For we shall see anon With clearer eyes And wiser hearts Our Mother’s choice Through ancient days In godly walk. Aeglyn August 2017
  10. aeglyn

    The Sheep

    The Sheep Have you fed the hungered? Given drink to thirsty souls? Taken in a stranger? That left a brother whole? Have you clothed the naked? Attended to the sick? Visited the prisoner? Compassionate and quick? For as much as you do this According to the Light You have done it unto me He saith to the right And blessed are ye brothers Who unto the least of these Do without thought of pay Charity, that Father sees Then onto life eternal The righteous life’s reward For unto all who acted Then will mercy be restored. Aeglyn June 2017
  11. aeglyn

    Come follow me

    “Come follow me” He simply said “Walk where I walk Be where I’ve led” Enter the grounds Kneel where He knelt Plead with your God Feel what He felt You need not bleed From every pore You need not bear The weight He bore Just bear a piece And feel the price For suffering And sacrifice Move up the hill Towards the top Where crosses stood The path here stops You need not hang Upon your hands You need but live And take a stand And offer thanks To Him who paid In full the cost For all He made. “Come follow me” Indeed He pled Learn of me that My light will spread. Aeglyn 30 Apr 2017
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    Revelation My mind is full of light The lens which passes sight Focused on a single spot An inspired perfect thought. Glory is a glance An enlightened trance Lifted up to blazing Grace Of love and light embraced Eyes that see now will know The source from which all blessings flow Understanding leaps all bounds When revelation expounds Aeglyn Jan 2017
  13. aeglyn

    Briny depths

    Briny depths How warm the tears, descending So salty and sublime Yet bitter in their marrow Still, a healing anodyne It’s purely lucid essence Bubbles out a plea And pools of limpid sorrow Are near engulfing me No skinny-dipping plunges In the depths of my remorse No dredging in the shallows Will impel it to come forth But gentle swells of kindness Like a sea around a shore Love cresting all about me Now opens up a door Feelings I can’t fathom Unceasingly contend They ebb and flow eternal I’m uncertain to what end So bathe me in the wallows Submerged in my despair Until tear stained waters clarify While drenched in fervent prayer. Aeglyn Dec 2016
  14. aeglyn

    “What I dare”

    I dare to stand apart, My values held in heart In mind and in strength Not that of mortal man But in the strength of my God My light, my world, my all. The center of my being And all I possess in talents, Blessings and experiences The good with the bad I learn to choose wisely. In service to my God, My family, my brothers And sisters everywhere. Children of a loving Father, A royal family forever Blazing our way back together For all seekers of truth He beckons the narrow path That leads to everlasting love Joy, and happiness eternal. Embraced in peace I obey the promptings Of the spirit, and act With kindness and charity And hope For what life brings To this end, was I born Into the twilight of ignorance Amid all the myriad paths offered To find the one and only true way Home. Aeglyn Oct 201
  15. aeglyn

    Did I ever know love?

    Did I ever know love? As it was meant to be? Did I ever act giddy? Or go weak in the knees? Did I ever know peace? In just knowing you’re there? A warm comfort in winter A soft wisp of your hair. Did I ever feel happy? And feel home where you were? A low smoky fire Where time is a blur. Did I ever know love? And all it could be? Yes, I can answer But it never knew me. Aeglyn July 2016
  16. aeglyn


    “Rescue” Where are all the children? So helpless in the pitch Sunken into furrows Scratching every itch. They quail at their status Left hopelessly adrift Fearing what next will come And praying it is swift Will you mark their absence? Rescue them from death? Will you shine your candle? Encourage with your breath? Or will you warm indiff’rence? Around a fire bright? And never brave the darkness To save who’s lost the light? Be bold, oh fearful children When stepping out the door Remember our own rescue And the weight of love He bore He searches for you special A voice to call us in Just before the lights go out No matter where you’ve been So, head on Home rejoicing Who are called in from the night Embraced in welcome smiles Where love and warmth invite. Aeglyn June 2016
  17. aeglyn

    Blue eyes

    “Blue eyes” When I lay this mortal down To fester in the earth I pray kindly tears are shed Mute testaments of worth All my days of grieving And all my days in pain Suffered so in silence Pray hope was not in vain. I have tried my best Feeling out my way Trusting in God’s mercy Kneeling oft to pray I know I’m not perfect Or known for greater deeds It’s the little things I treasure Helping those in need But, often I am left alone Struggling with my life Enduring weary quiet times Searching answers to this strife. If I have done you harm Spoken or in deed I plead for your forgiveness In peace, let’s be agreed I hope to live so quietly And go as I arrived With nothing less than wonder Recaptured in blue eyes. Aeglyn June 2016
  18. aeglyn


    "Creation" Peering through the arch of time I see eternity unfold Past the shining stars sublime To worlds without end untold I can see into forever Gifted with celestial sight All of Father’s endeavors The glory of creation’s height Take a moment to realize What is vast to comprehend What we often theorize How is it we transcend? Surely there is power here The puissant tokens shown Testifies of love so dear Whispers ‘you are not alone’. That thought brings me tears As I muse infinity Chasing all my mortal fears With the splendor of divinity. Aeglyn April 2013
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    The Garden

    The Garden While His friends slept on their watch One lonely calm, eventful night He knelt in prayer for none too few To drink the bitter dregs come due To save us from our dying plight. To Father, pled this perfect Son, For all our sakes above His own In trembling awe He raised the flask And willingly performed the task A weight so great caused Him to groan. From every pore He bled our pain For us, His brothers, sisters love That we, through Him, are then made free From death and hell’s eternal fee To Eden’s promised path above. Remember noble Brother’s deed Beyond all the mind conceives If we but remember Him Say a prayer or sing a hymn And honor Him whom we believe. Aeglyn Mar’2016
  20. aeglyn


    "Eternal" They scoff at all the whispers From beyond the misty veil Gleaning unrequited rumors Against which unbelievers flail. ‘There is only nothingness’ ‘No life unending bliss’ ‘No heaven’s cloudy castles’ ‘Or burning pitch in hell’s abyss’ The final silence all endure Once the puppet strings are cut But who was the puppeteer? That made our bodies strut? There is a simple answer For the animate in us We are supernal spirits Inside this mortal fuss Like a hand inside a glove Once removed is still a hand But there’s no longer impetus When it’s no longer manned. And whither do our natures go Now separate and free The vessel it once habitates Will surely cease to be So somewhere they are gathered Spirits light and aeriform Waiting for fulfillment To be renewed in perfect form The whispers we are hearing, If you consider such a thing, Could be just a living soul Free of pain and on the wing. Aeglyn March 201
  21. aeglyn

    Greater faith

    ‘Greater faith’ It takes assertive courage To step out into space And bravely walk undaunted To our waiting Lord’s embrace Across the tempest waters Rising up in adverse throes Fix your gaze upon His love Nothing doubting as you go Walk not slowly staggering But quicken’d in thy pace Calm the angry enmity That forbids you from His grace And lest the wild swells arise And swallow up thy soul Never turn thine eyes from Him In whom ever was our goal. Aeglyn March 2016
  22. aeglyn

    "Sealed fates"

    "Sealed fates" Somewhere inside, Where heartaches reside, I remember how love used to feel. Those memories aside, It’s a pain that’s implied, And something I’ve tried to conceal. But If I truly confide, These feelings denied, I pray that my heart will heal. Then I must decide, If I can abide, What your touch will truly reveal. My love then untied, Our fates may collide, Embraced, and lovingly sealed. Aeglyn Feb 2016
  23. aeglyn

    Wander lost

    So far from home These wandering soles Long days do I roam My road full of holes. Wary of the gloam Worn from these strolls So far from home These wandering soles What have I become? With love on parole Fearing the outcome No heart for the tolls So far from home These wandering soles Aeglyn 2014
  24. aeglyn

    Angels of Mercy

    Angels of Mercy Whispered in our ears Ere the moment of our birth ‘Return one hundred years After living on this earth’ Some may live much longer Some may live far less Some are just born stronger With some born in excess Some are born in poverty Though some achieve success Some have earned their liberty While some still are oppressed But those who are born meeker Have learned what true love brings Though experiences were bleaker They have learned to use their wings These angels are among us Each and every single day They normally don’t raise a fuss For service is their way If you should have a special need Concede it unto God Whose loving Spirit moves with speed To, these waiting angels, prod So when our time is surely come And all our deeds be known We’ll know who spoke with angels’ tongue Beneath our Father’s throne. Then a query in our ears Ere the moment of our death ‘How well have you spent your years? While you lived with borrowed breath?’ The answer you accord To this question is profound Were you an angel for the Lord? While you were on the ground? I pray the God of Glory Sees within your life's parade A sweet angelic story Full of charity conveyed. Aeglyn April 2015
  25. aeglyn

    The Last Teddy Bear

    The Last Teddy Bear A troop of sadly sent bears An adorable soothing display Testaments of sorrowful prayers Arranged like a golden bouquet Of every size we possessed Large and small we lovingly gave The ache in our hearts was suppressed Left sleeping in peace at the grave The children left smiling with gifts The sad tokens of love that day Our spirits felt the sweet lift That ended our day the right way But oh, one teddy bear left I withheld it fearing the pain Reserved for feeling bereft My need for a keepsake so plain Over the years I've been blessed With many a squeeze for my grief I loan him to family when stressed To soothe them when needing relief So old my companion and I Still on my heartstrings he tugs Whenever I feel like a cry He’s there with unlimited hugs. Aeglyn April 2015