LDS Trivia and Puzzles Upcoming Game in November

Jeremy A

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Hello, fellow LDS Trivia and Puzzles players:

We're finishing October and heading into November. Thanksgiving also happens in November. It's going to be an interesting month. In October, over 3,000 people subscribed to the mailing list; however, only 77 are on the list as of 3:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time on Sunday, October 29th. People are not confirming their subscriptions. I updated the subscriber page.

Normally, I would request an appointment to play a game; however, I'm not getting any responses, let alone time suggestions, so I will do something different for November. Because of how busy I am getting through work and an upcoming test on December 5th, I will attempt a game on Saturday, November 18th, between 1 PM and 2 PM Mountain Standard Time. Daylight savings will end next weekend here in the States. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, too. I will need breaks during my studies.

I will send an official announcement on Thursday evening, November 16th. Random questions will appear in the emailed announcement. Players will have over a day to ponder the answers. If/when the game officially starts, players can answer the questions. I will only post the answers in the newsletter sometime after the game finishes. If there's no game, I will not display the answers. Think of it as an incentive to get players.

The game takes place over DALnet through IRC. More details on the website. I hope to see you there.

12 Nov 2023 Update:

As of about 1 PM Mountain, there are 5,167 subscribers in the mailing list, but only 96 will get messages, because they confirmed their subscriptions. Because of email quotas, I cannot send emails to those who haven't confirmed their subscription another confirmation email.

Also, a lot of the confirmation emails bounce back. I cannot send that person a message to say why or how to fix it. Please limit the number of attempts to three. If you still haven't received a confirmation message by then, assume the email address you entered doesn't work and try a different one. Make sure you entered the correct email address, because I get a lot that bounce back due to the address not existing. One person tried signing up with the same AT&T text email address more than 10 times, and it bounced back each time.

For those who cannot make it, please reply to this email to let me know when in December may work for you to play, and I hope we can set an appointment. Bear in mind that I won't be available until after the seventh.

I will send one more email on Thursday evening with three completely random questions and will give more details then. I hope to see you then. (The questions will only go out in an email.)


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