Cecil Samuelson New Salt Lake City Temple President

Cecil Samuelson
Image via mormonnewsroom.org

Whoosh! Cecil! That’s the sound you may hear echoing through the halls of the Salt Lake City Temple every time there is a baptism. Well…maybe not, but at least we know the temple will be in good hands. The Deseret News reported that Cecil Samuelson has been called as the new president of the Salt Lake City Temple.

Samuelson became a fan favorite while serving as BYU’s President for 11 years. A tradition was created during basketball games in the Marriot Center in which the fans would simultaneously chant “Whoosh! Cecil!” every time a free throw was made by BYU’s team. Cecil responded appropriately with a two-handed thumbs up.

Samuelson is an emeritus general authority, serving in the First Quorum of the Seventy for seven years and the Presidency of the Seventy for two years. Prior to that he was a physician and worked as the Dean of University of Utah’s Medical School. His wife Sharon will serve as a matron alongside her husband in the Salt Lake City Temple.

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