Blind LDS Girl Featured in Comcast Campaign, ‘Emily’s Oz’


“Hi, my name is Emily. I’m seven, and I’m unique because I can’t see anything.”

Emily Groves is a blind LDS girl who is featured in a Comcast commercial as part of a new campaign called “Emily’s Oz.” The commercial features Emily’s imagined vision of her favorite movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”

“When you watch a movie, it’s different because you can see the screen and see what’s happening,” Emily said. “I can only hear it. I take it into my brain and think to myself, ‘what would that mean to me?'”

The campaign advertises a new device that allows those who are visually impaired to enjoy their favorite movie like they never have before — through a talking guide. This technology is making life easier for so many who are disabled.

Katie Groves, Emily’s mother, says that their family has seen nothing but wonderful opportunities come from this experience.

We have met so many amazing people. We didn’t know what we were walking into, but it has been such a wonderful opportunity to help create awareness and a vision we have for our daughter, which is that she is incredibly capable.

Emily is a ray of sunshine to all she meets, and her energy and optimism seem to be contagious, according to her family and friends.

“Emily is a smart, energetic, kind, and amazing little girl who happens to be blind,” said family friend Leah Jensen.

“She is a normal seven year old girl,” said Katie. “She was even jumping on the couch during her interviews. We want people to see her first as a beautiful little girl, not as a blind person.”

Emily was featured on the TODAY show (watch the interview below) and her story was picked up by the Wall Street Journal on February 20. Her commercial is set to air during the Oscars on Sunday, February 22.

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The Groves have loved the opportunity to share their beliefs through this experience.

“We have loved being able to share that we are members of the Church,” Katie said. “We have had great conversations and opportunities to share who we are and what we believe. With each different shoot we went on, we had opportunities to share our beliefs.”

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