Man Charged in Temple Square Confrontation, Stabbing

Temple Square Lights
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A verbal altercation on Temple Square Sunday night resulted in the stabbing of one man as he was leaving. On Tuesday, Leka Tavalu-Fifita, 18, was charged with aggravaed assault—a third-degree felony—in the 3rd District Court.

Leka Tavalu-Fifita
Leka Tavalu-Fifita. Image via Deseret News.

Reports say that Fifita and his cousin, 16, were intoxicated on Temple Square while looking at the Christmas lights. The cousins ran into a family and got into a verbal fight with the group which then escalated into a physical altercation. Reports say that Fifita and the family went their separate ways but met up again coincidentally at about 10:20 PM by the corner of North and West Temple. 

Family members say they witnessed two men chase down 20-year-old Sosaia Otuafi before Fifita tackled Otuafi and then stabbed him two or three times. ABC 4 reports that Otuafi was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover.

Deseret News reports that an officer was able to stop Fifita trying to flee the scene and arrest him. Fifita’s younger cousin was cited with unlawful alcohol consumption by a minor and disorderly conduct. He was then released to his parents.

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