Top 10 BEST Modest Swimsuit Companies for All Your Summer Needs

Diverse Women in Modest Swimsuits, Sitting with Feet in Pool | Top 10 BEST Modest Swimsuit Companies for All Your Summer Needs | Third Hour | Geode Swimwear | Modest Swimwear for Women

Summer is officially here and ladies, I know the struggle. These days it’s getting harder and harder to find flattering, modest swimsuits. I decided to do the work for you and tracked down the 10 best companies selling modest swimwear right now! In no particular order, here they are:

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Lime Ricki

Lime Ricki: Four Women in Modest Swimsuits, Walking Arm-in-Arm on the Beach | Top 10 BEST Modest Swimsuit Companies for All Your Summer Needs | Third Hour | Geode Swimwear

Lime Ricki has trendy, modest swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. One thing I love about their website is their “Fit Finder.” Just take the quick quiz and they’ll help you find swimwear that is perfect for you! You do need to have a measuring tape handy, though. Prices here range from $40-$90.


girls wearing modest swimsuits walking together

love a good swim skirt/short. It personally makes me feel so much comfortable when I’m out at the pool. Modli has the most modest options I’ve seen and are great for those that desire some extra coverage. I’d also recommend them for those with a high sensitivity to sunlight. Their prices range from $20-$180.


girls walking on beach in Roolee swimsuits

I love the patterns and fun ruffles that Roolee offers with their swimsuits. You know you’re getting a high-quality suit that will look fantastic as well. I only wish they had more! However, they are constantly releasing new arrivals. Their swimsuits can be anywhere from $30-$90.

Geode Swimwear

rose quartz swimsuit from geode swimwear on beach
via Geode Swimwear on Facebook

Confession time. I’m obsessed with Geode Swimwear. Their Rose Quartz One-Piece is my all-time favorite swimsuit. It has great coverage and is so flattering. I love all the styles Geode provides and the fact that they don’t break the bank! Prices range from $22-$44. Check them out!

Graham Swim

girls standing together in graham swim
via Graham Swim on Facebook

Speaking of swimming on a budget, Graham Swim is dedicated to making sure that you get the highest quality at the lowest price. They’re a new, small business but are already making quite the splash. As of right now, every swimsuit is only $37, which is a steal! They have amazing designs and a large selection, too.

Nani Swimwear

Nani Swimwear modest swimsuits in pool
via Nani Swimwear on Facebook

Nani Swimwear came highly recommended by my followers. Being the Hawaiian word for “beautiful,” Nani strives to make every woman feel empowered in a swimsuit. They don’t use photoshop in their ads and make sure that their swimwear looks gorgeous on everybody. Prices on their website are from $30-$90.

Janela Bay

family swimming in pool wearing modest swimsuits
via Janela Bay on Facebook

Here is another popular one among my friends and family! Janela Bay does something unique where they allow you to shop for swimsuits based on your body type. You won’t just find a gorgeous, modest swimsuit. You’ll also find something perfect for you! Their prices range from $30-$90.

Albion Fit

statement sleeves swimsuit from albion fit

This is definitely the most high-end company on my list. While Albion’s swimsuits are pricey, they are such great quality! These bathing suits will last for ages and always look good on you. Their prices range from about $65-$130. You’ll fall in love with anything you purchase from them.

Called to Surf

woman wearing called to surf swimsuit on beach
via Called to Surf on Facebook

One thing I love about Called to Surf’s swim line is how many basic options they have. If you don’t love patterns, this is the place for you! Of course, they have plenty of fun options, but I appreciate that they do tone it down occasionally. The prices of their swimsuits are from $50-$60.

Pink Desert

mommy and me swimsuits from pink desert

Okay, Pink Desert has this cactus print swimsuit that I might need to buy right this second. It’s adorable! This company has so many fun mix and match options that you’ll adore. Keep your eye out, though, because they sell out fast! Their prices range from $10-$90 for every type of budget.

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Even though we’re stuck inside right now doesn’t mean you can’t dream about the pool! Where are you going as soon as quarantine is over? Hopefully, wherever it is, you’re rocking one of these gorgeous, modest swimsuits!

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