13 Tweets from Laman and Lemuel

Lemuel complains about life on Twitter

Laman and Lemuel—the best older siblings around, right? OK, maybe they weren’t the best examples, but hey, if my dad asked me to abandon civilization and go live in the wilderness I might be prone to some complaining too. But those complaints got me to thinking: What would Laman and Lemuel have been like if they were active on social media? What follows are a few examples of what the Twittersphere might have seen:

1 Nephi 2:5

…he did travel in the wilderness with his family, which consisted of my mother, Sariah, and my elder brothers, who were Laman, Lemuel, and Sam.

Lemuel Tweets about living in the desert1 Nephi 2:15

And my father dwelt in a tent.

Laman tweets about Lehi's tent1 Nephi 3:11

And we cast lots—who of us should go in unto the house of Laban. And it came to pass that the lot fell upon Laman…

Laman Tweets to Laban

1 Nephi 3:28

And it came to pass that Laman was angry with me, and also with my father; and also was Lemuel, for he hearkened unto the words of Laman. …


Lemuel tweets about Nephi

…Wherefore Laman and Lemuel did speak many hard words unto us, their younger brothers, and they did smite us even with a rod.

Laman takes a survey via Twitter

1 Nephi 4:28-29, 31-32

And it came to pass that when Laman saw me he was exceedingly frightened, and also Lemuel and Sam. And they fled from before my presence; for they supposed it was Laban, and that he had slain me and had sought to take away their lives also.

And it came to pass that I called after them, and they did hear me; wherefore they did cease to flee from my presence. …

And now I, Nephi, being a man large in stature, and also having received much strength of the Lord, therefore I did seize upon the servant of Laban, and held him, that he should not flee.

And it came to pass that I spake with him, that if he would hearken unto my words, as the Lord liveth, and as I live, even so that if he would hearken unto our words, we would spare his life.

Laman tweet about Laban

1 Nephi 17:18

And thus my brethren did complain against me, and were desirous that they might not labor, for they did not believe that I could build a ship; neither would they believe that I was instructed of the Lord.

Tweet from Laman

1 Nephi 17:55

And now, they said: We know of a surety that the Lord is with thee, for we know that it is the power of the Lord that has shaken us. And they fell down before me, and were about to worship me, but I would not suffer them, saying: I am thy brother, yea, even thy younger brother; wherefore, worship the Lord thy God…

Laman repentance tweet

1 Nephi 16:10

And it came to pass that as my father arose in the morning, and went forth to the tent door, to his great astonishment he beheld upon the ground a round ball of curious workmanship; and it was of fine brass. And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way whither we should go into the wilderness.

Laman tweets about Liahona1 Nephi 17:5

And we did come to the land which we called Bountiful, because of its much fruit and also wild honey; and all these things were prepared of the Lord that we might not perish. And we beheld the sea, which we called Irreantum, which, being interpreted, is many waters.

Laman tweets about fruit1 Nephi 18:11

And it came to pass that Laman and Lemuel did take me and bind me with cords, and they did treat me with much harshness; nevertheless, the Lord did suffer it that he might show forth his power, unto the fulfilling of his word which he had spoken concerning the wicked.

Laman and Lemuel consider mutinyThrow-back to 1 Nephi 16:7

And it came to pass that I, Nephi, took one of the daughters of Ishmael to wife; and also, my brethren took of the daughters of Ishmael to wife; and also Zoram took the eldest daughter of Ishmael to wife.

Lemuel tweets about his wife

2 Nephi 5:5

And it came to pass that the Lord did warn me, that I, Nephi, should depart from them and flee into the wilderness, and all those who would go with me.

Lemuel references Home Alone in Tweet
Home Alone screenshot via Giphy.com

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