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    Thank You
  2. anyone have a bunch of family history??
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    Yes I agree with Spencer for all that we do for him the reward is greater than any other, im 13 and i dress modestly and dont have a boyfriend! Kids pick on me @ school for that I dont care the lord is more imporant to me. In time my faith will pay off. -heather P.S. MISS YOU DELL!!
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    tell him that he is a Jelous Elephant that Farts on Ferrets...... sorry best i had cya l8tor dell!
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    sorry im just kidding!! lol but what was up with that.....just come in here.....IM A GIRL!! lollolololol ! me and Dell *dell moos in backround* are best friends in real life............................. or are we??? hmmmmmmm nah im just kidding THANKS YALL FOR THE GREAT REPLYS!!
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    yeah a "guy in real life" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! I crack myself up!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL guy in real life = girl!! GET IT !?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ......ok i am calm.... ..... LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    Want In A Friend?

    Sorry the last One Was Wrong! CHOSE!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A FRIEND?
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    Hey dell! its hfavaron!!!
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    I got an email the other day that had this: when we think of A.S.A.P we think of AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! but to some people it has another meaning..... Always Say A Prayer I thought it was really cool and i needed to share it! :)
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    Favorite Music...

    Sorry I forgot... I like: Simple Plan Avril Lavgine Hillary Duff Kelly Clarkson Usher Green Day
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    Favorite Music...

    Why are you saying he needs to change his quote? Its his quote and he can do whatever he wants with it. Lol I kinda like the quote! Well.... Im new to this whole website my freind showed it to me. well l8tor!
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    What's In A Name?

    hfavaron is short for myname and Dell is the name of my computer so it would not let me use any other name so i used dell PS This is dell repling ok ok so plz no one get mad this is a harmless reply as for strawberry feilds i feel reallly bad for you and it makes me want to cry i was adopted my mom died in child birth and my other mom almost died with ovarian cancer peace out
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    Just Copy And Fill Out

    Starting Time: 9:47 PM Name On Birth Certificate: Heather Favaron * Nicknames: Pebbles *Star sign: dont know * School: Peterson Middle School *Location: Kerville, Texas *Email address: [email protected] * Color of eyes: Brown/Green * Hair color: Brown With Blonde Highlights * Shoe Size: 8 * Ring Size: Dont know * Height: Dont Know * Brothers/Sisters: 2 brothers / 0sisters * You live with: 0 Brothers and 2 Parents ---------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------ * Missed school because it was raining: yes *Put a body part on fire for amusement: No * Been in a car accident: nope * Been hurt emotionally: Yes * Had an imaginary friend: Yes *Cried during a Movie: yes * Ever thought an animated character was hot: ....maybe.... * Been on stage: yes * Been sarcastic: yes ------------------FAVORITES------------------ * Shampoo: PERT * Conditioner: PERT * Fav. Color: Pink * Summer/Winter: Winter * Cartoon Characters: Do I Have To Answer * Drink: Dr. Pepper * Songs: too many... * Ice Cream: Sherbert *Subject: English * Person: My Mom ---------------RIGHT NOW------------------ * Wearing: Clothes * I'm feeling: weird from doing this post.. * Eating: nothing * Drinking: Dr.Pepper * Thinking about: this survey & church stuff * Home alone: No ---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------ * Cried: Yes * Met someone new: Yes * Cleaned your room: Yes * Drove a car: NO im only 13!! * Had fast food: Yes! Krispy Kremes ---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------ * Yourself: occationaly * Santa Claus: No * Tooth Fairy: No * Ghosts: Yes * Angels: Yes --------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------ * Do you have a soul mate?: no, Im only 13 and not planning on soon!. * Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: only 13 AGAIN! (NO) * How long have you been together?: WHAT DID I SAY!!! * Do you like anyone?: Yes * Who have you known the longest out of all your friends? My Brother * The shyest?: Dell * Who's the weirdest: Dell * Who has seen you cry: Lots of people *What's the best feeling in the world? Drinking Dr.Pepper *what's the worst felling in the world? Seperation of Dr.Pepper or farting - ------------------Girls 4 Guyz Answers--------------- * Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers * Long or short hair?: short * Six pack or muscular arms?: Both * Good or bad guy?: Good * Hat or No Hat?: No Hat * Ears pierced or not?: NO * Tan or fair?: Tan * Rugged or sporty?: Both * Accent or not?: NO ---------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT-------- *Silver/gold/ or platinum: Gold *Diamond or pearl: diamond * Sunset or sunrise: sunset * Have you ever gone skinny dipping: yes * Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yes * Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: no * Do you have any piercings?: yes my ears * Rain, sun or snow?: Snow * Do u like Cookies?: YES!! YES!! YES!! * What makes you happy?: Hmm..Dr.Pepper * Who will respond to this survey the fastest: Someone weird that I call Dell * Who won't respond: MY BUTT * Finishing time: 10:05 -------------------- P.S. Have A Great Day Unless You Have Planned Otherwise!! -=Notice=- I am not responblie for my own dumbness in spelling things wrong!
  14. Hi, Im kinda new to this and im just figureing ou the controls. So what all can i do on this and stuff? My friend got me into this her screen name is dell. -hfavaron