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  1. do you think this would even help? i realize that a microchip may be used, sadly, to track down bodies rather than live children, but if it gave law enforcement even a few hours advantage, there may be lives saved.
  2. and, now that you mentioned it.....we mustn't forget mama look a boo boo day....
  3. that is true! how so?? that does sound awful! i am just trying to think of a way to better protect children. it breaks my heart everytime i hear about crimes against children. i know that crimes against adults are terrible as well, but there is something so special about children that makes it seem all the worse.
  4. this may be a crazy idea, but what do you think? i know there are some devices that track a child if they wander off, but, to my knowledge, there are no implantable microchips for humans. there are so many awful stories lately of creeps stalking, kidnapping, raping, abusing, and murdering children (i cannot think of anything that makes me angrier!!), that it may be a good idea for children to have a microchip whereby law enforcement may find them if they go missing. what do you think? i realize that this would require surgery (and would result in some pain for the child), but it would be minimal and i think the benefits far outweigh the pain that would be endured. is this a crazy idea?!? i'm sure i'm not the first that came up with this, but we got our dog microchipped recently and it started me thinking.....
  5. yes.....but with a finer point on men vs. women. are women really more emotional than men? are women really more capable of being nurturing toward a child, for example?
  6. this is a topic that has been discussed for as long as there were men and women, perhaps, but i would like to know your various opinions on it. it has been said that men and women are fundamentaly different. now, setting aside obvious physical differences, do you believe this to be the case? it has been said women are more emotional (or, at least, more in tune with their emotions), more nurturing, gentler, etc. do you think that men are really that different in essentials? or, is it a matter of each individual?
  7. isn't it funny how (well, at least to me it is), for the large part of history, men have worn fairly simple clothing compared to ladies' big dresses? and yet, during jane austen's day, women wore very simple dresses while the men were more peacock-like.
  8. have you ever worn one? they are painful and supporting at the same time.
  9. it is certainly true, of the two choices it would be easier today to dress more 40s or 50s. if i were to walk out of my home dressed like jane austen, it would be sure to raise a few eyebrows. :)
  10. in the history of the world fashion and clothing styles have changed dramatically. just for fun, what would say is your favorite era? for men? for women? personally, i would have to pick jane austen's era and the 1940s/1950s for women and.....well, i'd probably pick the same for men. what say all of you?
  11. and what of oil of olay?? what would become of them? oh, wait....different kind of oil sorry. :)
  12. says the librarian: books are our friends. plead the books: please don't forget us. we love you. we long for you to hold us and caress our pages. we look forward to the minty freshness of your breath. we love the warmth of your laughter and the raw emotion of your tears. we love the way you smile at us from across the room as we sit between the comfort of our brothers and sisters on the bookshelf. we don't even mind the occasional chocolatey finger of your child touching our pages as they squeel in delight at the colorful pictures. silly amazon, books are for libraries.
  13. now i have the chariots of fire music in my head.....thanks a lot!
  14. there anything wrong with spongebob marathons????
  15. i have heard this from soooo many people (mainly my friends trying to get me to go). how do you get past the "i think i'll go and die now" stage of going to the gym? i know that excercise is good for a person, but i just can't seem to get into it. any tips for getting past that point to where it is a joy to go?
  16. can you play flamenco style? that is so moving.....
  17. it isn't easy, is it? sometimes you just have to stop. literally. just stop and take a look around at all of the miracles. the curve of each blade of grass. the taste of sunlight. the smell of snow. the infectious laughter of a child, any child. the warmth of a smile.
  18. it is hard not to get carried away, don't you think? do you ever find yourself spending more money on plants than on food? or bills? or clothes? or anything? ok, so it can be a sickness. there, i just admitted it. is that the first to recovery? do i need to recover?? seriously though.....a garden is a magical place. seneca once said that, if a man has a garden and a library he has everything he needs. wasn't it john keats who said, "a thing of beauty is a joy forever?"
  19. it is interesting, too, when that intense blue ends up leading you down the long, winding road to contemplation. that time when you are not sad, nor are you happy. you just are. these are those glorious times when your mind is open to possibilities and you forget yourself and take nothing for granted. you are radically and utterly open to newness and an extension of the beliefs that you already hold dear. blue can be the color of growth, i think.
  20. when you are in that cloudy frame of mind, do you find that you have to make yourself listen to the music that lifts you, and then find that it has? or do you listen to it knowing that it will lift you? (i'm not sure if that makes any sense )
  21. on those particularly bad days...... ....your mom/dad/spouse/kids/whoever yelled at you.... hit every light red and every single person on the road cuts you off..... was a disaster.... have no money......... ...(fill in terrible thing here)... when it is one of those horrible days, what do you do to lift your spirits? do you read? go to a movie? a walk? take a nap? for me, i love to garden. there is something so wonderful about getting dirt all over your hands and clothes and touching the earth. the smell, the feel, the color.....all of these help me to relax and find myself again. it is true that you can center yourself anywhere and at any time with practice, but there is always something....that one special thing.....that makes everything right with the world again and washes away the blue. what is yours?
  22. i'm not sure that she's such a wonderful rolemodel, but i like the way that hannah montana says, "oh, sweet nibblets!" instead of swearing. it sounds funny and tasty at the same time!