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  1. pepperann27

    looking for friends

    thanks, I'd like to find a guy who is LDS and who is understanding of my health problems and won't care if I usually stay at home and watch tv all day because of my health.
  2. hey! If anyone is close to Riverton Utah I would love to talk to you. I think my email is in my profile and if you have facebook you can add me, just search for Dusti Bills, its the one that the picture is of me and my dog Thanks! Dusti
  3. pepperann27

    Single girl here :-)

    I think you all are very nice!
  4. pepperann27

    Does anyone else think this is unacceptable?

    I think its the parents who should say what their kids can wear. I think your a great parent
  5. pepperann27

    question for single guys...

    I have digestive problems, I have had colonic inertia, rectal inertia, and now I have small bowel inertia and I also have a ileostomy, I too have chronic pain. Do you think that could scare guys off? it is sad if it would because I am a nice person.
  6. pepperann27

    question for single guys...

    Would you date a girl who has health problems? I am curious because I have health problems and I am wondering if thats why I haven't had a boyfriend or haven't gone on many dates.
  7. pepperann27

    Single girl here :-)

    Sorry the words are so small, I'm new here
  8. Hello, I am new and am wanting to talk to some nice people. I don't have a picture yet so I will describe myself: brown hair, brown eyes, 5'6", 145lbs. So I hope to meet some new people :-)
  9. pepperann27

    favourite couple from book or movie?

    Bella & Edward, Alice & Jasper, Rosalie & Emit, Esmee & Carliale (I don't know the correct spelling)